Rescue kitten

Rescue kitten

Hi everyone thought I'd try and post a pic of Tia one of my 3 rescue kittens now year old. She was such a scared little kitten use to swear at everyone all of the time, but now she's loving ( on her own terms) jumps on my lap for cuddles, climbs out of my bedroom window onto conservatory roof to escape the other 2, she's such a little daredevil. So glad I got them on days like today when it's raining  they always manage to brighten my day xx

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  • Cute little cat junegirl. Our rescue cat is 18 now and doing well. Our daughter has had her RSPCA cat for a year now. Nice to build up trust with animals.

    Take care. Xxx 

  • Hi sassy59 yes it is I love my cats my mum use to do cat rescue so I grew up with loads of them, sometimes bit of a mad house here with the 3 kittens and a border collie but so much enjoyment back from them all. I think when you have been able to build up that trust it's quite an achievement xx

  • Junegirl03 what a beautiful cat your very lucky to have 3 im allergic to them but would so love to have one its strange because I have a dog Mr bear and I'm fine with him X

  • Hi titchy, I think with cats it's mostly when they lick/clean themselves is the thing that makes most people allergic to them something in their saliva. I'm a dog person too have a 9 yr old border collie called holly, she's great with them xx

  • I'm sure Mr bear would love a furry friend but it would have to be another pup x

  • Beautiful kitty and it is wonderful to help rescue kitties. I used to do volunteer work for a cat rescue before I knew I was allergic. I still have four of my own, three of whom are rescued. I've refused to give any of them up because without them my world feels like all the colour has been removed. So I have to make adjustments like closing my bedroom door when I'm not in there and not letting them too close to my face. Hoping to organise a cleaner too very soon.


  • Ladytalita thank you for that it's very true for me they are my something special to brighten the day it would be so dull without them especially when I can't go out. When you find a cleaner please send her round! House suffers now I'm not up to it xx

  • Gorgeously sleek. You know cats are such a comfort when you just need a warm cuddle and the sound of a purr to make you feel much better.  I love my dog dearly, but the minute I stroke him he just wants to 1) see if I am bearing food. 2) play, 3) go for a walk 4) get on the settee with me and proceeds to stretch out, bit by bit,  to make more room for himself and less for me. heh heh......


  • My dogs like that she thinks she owns the sofa the chair oh and the street! Xx

  • Aye....nodding! 


  • Hi Junegirl.                                                      Tia is indeed lovely.  She does look the little daredevil! Pets without a doubt, will brighten anyone's day.😊 How nice of you to rescue three kittys. Hope we get to meet the others. Have a great weekend Junegirl.   Rubyxx 😊

  • You too ruby I will post pics of the others don't seem to be able to get decent one of Ben his all black and the biggest so he just looks moody bless him xx

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