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I have been searching for a post that I wish to reply to but it seems to have gone, it was there yesterday as I showed it to my daughter she sent it on to herself to show her husband and I think she must have deleted it. It was to say thank you for looking up the Spanish wild cat it was so interesting and really could be a photo of Cooper it would also account for his tendency to bite albeit only a gentle love bite but I have never had another cat who bit. Even my Bengal who is I believe the closest you can have to a wild cat without a licence was the most gentle of all animals. But many thanks again for the info. Cooper is sitting on my feet and they are going numb so I shall have to move him. Rosabeth.

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Was it a reference that Azure Sky posted as a reply to your post My Big Boy.

I had a rescue black and white cat that had a tendency to bite when he was mother's rescue cat would hide and ambush anyone who walked past and ankles were attacked....he lived to be we learnt to be wary.


Not sure what the post was but my black moggy Ben just turned 1 he bites, not hard but usually when he wants me to get up! So I quickly put my arm inside the covers xx


Tessa has always done that to me junegirl, as soon as she gets on the bed l hide my hands. She doesn't have many teeth now. Xxx 


It is AS reply in the post my big boy ; it is still there. X

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Sometimes a bite from a cat can be a sign of affection  - a love bite.  I have had cats who would bite, but very gently.  However, my last cat was over affectionate when I took him in.  He had never had much of a home life or affection and when sitting on my knee he suddenly bit my hand  so it bled.  It turned a bit funny so I went to A&E. The nurse there told me it had turned poisonous and gave me a prescription to heal it.

However, I was experienced enough to know that there was no malice intended from the cat and we had a very happy relationship until he died in 2011.


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