Swollen ankles

I was recently diagnosed stage 4 pulmonary fibrosis and COPD emphysema - can anyone tell me if I should be concerned about swollen ankles? I ask this bc they were vigilant about checking my ankles in the hospital.

My socks leave marks on the  ankles so it's obvious I've got water retention but since it's a Friday, can I wait till Monday. Is this a common thing with my diagnosis? 


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  • Debbie, for starters you need to get looser socks probably. Any socks that are tight enough to leave marks are bad for your circulation. The reason they look out for swollen ankles, as far as I know, is in connection with the heart and also fluid retention. If your ankles are swollen then elevate them as much as possible over the weekend. If you're sitting put your feet up too. 

  • Thank you! 

  • Don't worry - mu husband has had the same problem for years!  His bp is fine!  Take care and see your gp next week xx

  • Thank you! 

  • I have that problem, and was given furosemide to help get rid of the fluid. This seems to work, but I have to take "P" stops on a regular basis. I have a mental list of places I can go when we are out, (such as MacDonald's), where relief is at hand.

  • Can also be associated with low oxygen saturation because the kidneys are particularly susceptible to low O2 and this could cause fluid retention. Have you got a pulse oximeter to check your sats? As long as they are in the high 80's or preferably 90's, then this problem is not too serious and can wait until you see your GP.

  • I have myopathy and my nuerologist put me on lyrica for my muscle spasms. Before my recent diagnosis of copd and pulmonary fibrosis . I initially couldn't afford lyrica but insurance decided to cover it so I got it filled s week ago. A side effect is edema. So I think that's what it is 

    Still going  to primary dr tomorrow to discuss it. Thank you all so much for your advice/input! 

  • Unfortunately I'm on oxygen 2 liters 24/7....I hate it. But doctors orders. So yes, I have 3 oximeters. And with o2 I stay in the mid 90s. 

    What brought about my diagnosis was what was called an exasperation . It was just so sudden. Breathing fine.. Always in the 90's on oxymeters at doctors office to not being able to breath. The ER doc said it was pneumonia - prescribed a Z pack of antibiotics. After 5 days on them I still couldn't breathe. We bought an oximeter when told I had pneumonia. Then after about 7 days my husband tried to wake me one morning .? Put the oxymeter on me and I was 50% with a pulse of 180. Spent 6 days In hospital then had PFT and diagnosed stage 4 pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema. I'm still in shock over this diagnosis. Fighting depression. Pretty much discharged and can't see a pulmonary dr until May 26th. The depression is tough. 

  • You do not say what meds you are taking as many can cause swollen ankles. Mine are caused by the blood pressure medication which when recently reduced eliminated the problem.

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