Rehabilitation update

Hi everyone, than you for all of your responses meant a lot. I have seen GP and have to have 2 weeks off and try these tablets, haven't been able to pick them up yet but supposed to help balance, and GP is finally making referral to consultant so I can finally see where I'm at with my copd.

On the plus side new mattress arrived so may get decent nights sleep been suffering with pins and needles and dead arms n legs waking me up.

Main thing is I'm feeling positive even if I can't get much done its bright and sunny, hope you all have happy and healthy weekend xx

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Junegirl03 good luck with the new tabs that's great news u getting an appointment to see consultant enjoy your wknd x

Thank you titchy, yeah I hope it won't be too long, had to go to bed due to dizziness, but started the new tablets and hope to be better asap xx

Have a great weekend junegirl. Wishing you well. Xxx 

Sassey you too lets hope the sun shines xx

That's good news Junegirl - not the result expected from going to PR but at least now you're getting a referral to a consultant & hopefully you can pick up the PR again in the near future x

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