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TAKE 2# Trial Combined Authority New NHS Health Care Budgets WITH real world SYMTOM's

Well went and seen my GP over my stomach issues FEVER and PAIN fell like a going to pass out when eating just before it drops into my stomach .. No breathing chocking issues just pain fever.

Guess Internet was RIGHT about early gastric issues AND how doctors no nothing AS my gp looked at me like I was a ALIEN.

Then is next word of wisdom WAS when you was sweating feverish and thing was stuck in pipe and you was going to pass out WHAT was your temperature.

My reply was ER I was busy being ill to remember to run take my temperature THAT was about as good as it got ... So I guess if that's what Combined Authority New NHS Health Care Budgets is all about ... WE are in for tough time.

I never knew gastric problems was all about obstructions PERHAPS someone could tell my GP the not ... anyway he give me some OMEPRAZOLE and sent me on my way.


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Hope the pills work for you otherwise it's back you go to GP. Just remember to have thermometer handy.😉

Wishing you well Jeff. Xxx 


Hope the omeprazole works.  It can be very effective for some stomach problems.  If it isn't, go back and ask for something else.  You could always ask him to refer you to a Dietitian - but don't hold your breath: NHS ones' waiting lists are horrendous.


Hi Jeff, I know if I eat certain foods too quickly they tend to get stuck and can cause discomfort.....things like oven chips, roast potatoes and even rice...sounds ridiculous written down I know, but it does happen. I have to stand up and walk around for a while....sips of water help, but not a big drink....that just adds to the problem.

It happens to my husband too, so eating out is a nightmare. No temperature though. 

I hope you find an answer...I know I have the habit of eating too quickly, so I do try and slow down.


I hope you get it sorted soon. X


Hope the Omeprazole works for you.  (I know it wasn't funny for you, but it did make me laugh - what idiots!!)  


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