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Hello peeps, I have been reading through lots of posts on here which I have found have answered some of the questions I didn't ask the consultant.

In 2013 i had video thorasic surgery to have a lump on my right lung removed and tested. The results cam back clear. I had already be told I had mild COPD. Ever since the op I have been getting increasingly worse pains in the very area of the site of the op.

Yesterday I had an appointment with the consultant and after an xray he told me that I now have severe emphysema and said that my right lung had enlarged and that possibly it was pressing on a nerve. At present I am taking three types of inhale, lanzoprasole, gabapentin and many paracetomol. The consultant thought I may have to start taking a higher dose of gabapentin and indicated that there may not be anything to be done surgically. I am due to have a CT scan asap.

Over the last 5 weeks my breating has been suffering at the slightest physical effort and am finding sometimes sortly after I get up in the morning I have to have a lay down. This is how it goes during the day, do a bit - lay down etc. I have given up smoking by using champix.

My biggest problem at the moment is breathlessness, permanently tired and severe lack of motivation.

Sorry to go on for so long, was just wondering if this is going to be how it is from now on.

Thanks for listening!

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Hi mikem and welcome to you. You are not alone in feeling how you do and I hope you can find some help with your problems. I care for Pete who is also short of breath, tired most of the time and lacking motivation. He is under the local hospital for his chest and the Brompton for his heart. He takes Gabapentin, Tramadol, Steroids and many other drugs. Not sure what can be done but always hoping.

Wishing you well and take care. xxx


Hi Mikem and welcome! Well done for stopping smoking that's a big one. I wonder if you have an infection as that would certainly make you feel as you do? Breathlessness and fatigue do seem to go hand in hand with Copd unfortunately but it is usually a slow process. Others with more knowledge of your problems than me will probably be along shortly. Take care xx


Hopefully they will be able to improve things for you once you get the right treatment, the more experienced guys on here may be able to help with more information. Take care xx


Hello mikem and welcome, and absolutely brilliant news that you have given up smoking.

This is the best place to be for help in all directions.  I have had fantastic support  when I wrote in recently for help.  The symptoms you mention are part and parcel of copd but in varying degrees, and with the right help regarding diet and exercise I hope they will ease and you will feel more comfortable and able to plot your day. Don't do anything if you don't feel like it. Was wondering if your doctor has suggest a PR?


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Thanks for the replies, what is a PR


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