My cats

My cats

These are my cats . Cooper the big boy got in my daughters Mini Cooper and refused to leave he wasn't chipped and we tried to find his owners with no luck I have had him nearly ten years now.  Sophie was a kitten born on the mountain near our house. We brought them back from Spain with us over two years ago. The throw cooper is wrapped in he stole of my lap and made himself comfy. I am allergic to many, many things but I never stop saying thank you that I am not allergic to fur or feathers.

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  • Two very happy cats then and that makes four of you!  What a lovely thing to do. I can only see one here.


  • Me, too.  I really must get someone to show me how to put a photo of Malcolm on this forum and FB.  You have a smart cat there - hugs for him.  xxx

  • Beautiful cat. Xxx 

  • think I need to go back to spec savers I can only see 1 cat lol

  • I could only send one photo I sent a second post with second cat and an explanation. See Sorry. You don't need Specsavers I need computer lessons. Rosabeth

  • hi yes I just saw it lol

  • They are fab!

  • I agree they are so relaxed they make you feel the same.i have had cats all my life and can't imagine being without one.i used to help our local abandoned animal society and When in Spain I used to feed any hungry cats and adopted three to add to my two I had seven in the garden but I am a big believer in neutering as I think it's kinder than more cats than you can look after. If I lose the two I have now I will rehome an old cat that has lost its owner I wouldn't take on a young one to outlive me my husband I hope will outlive the two we have as they are ten and he is seventy and pretty fit. No one knows what tomorrow will bring so I shall enjoy my fur bags as long as I can knowing that they will live out their lives with love as my daughter will care for them. What cats do you have if any ? Sleep well Rosabeth.

  • Hi Rosabeth,

    Nowadays we just have the one cat, an Ocicat Classic (and two dogs), but a few years back we had three Siamese (a Red, Blue & Seal point) and a big black & white moggie who was born behind the sofa!

  • Y-not. I have also had two Siamese, two Burmese an Oriental and a Bengal I took a Burmese and and my Bengal to Spain they loved it there Esther the Bengal died at 13 1/2 her heart just gave out and Monty my Burmese who was grand champion died age 11 a few weeks later he died of a broken heart he just pined away for Esther they had been inseparable I of course broke my heart there is still a large crack and just writing this I have tears streaming down my face.ii already had acquired Sophie and a little black cat left by a neighbour when she was taken into a home Womble the little black boy became the most loving and adorable cat but at 5 1/2 he was bitten by a snake ( he would play with them and twice we had taken one off him) his kidneys failed with the poison so another big crack in my heart. I would t get another pedigree after Monty and Esther there are too many cats needing homes but I did enjoy each and everyone of my cats however high or humble their origins. I have had three dogs over the years too and much as I have loved them dearly I still favour cats. Have a good day. Rosabeth

  • Thank you, I think so they are very loving and are always sitting on the windowsills watching for us when we come home. My sitting room has two bay windows and they sit one on each sil like bookends. Keep well Rosabeth

  • There's nothing more relaxed than a comfy cat - they're both lovely.

  • I just replied to you but it's gone higher in the list but I am sure you will see it. I replied to y-not and then to you but your answer is above y-nots for some reason. They are for all to read but I like to think you got a reply. I love all the posts I get I really dislike Facebook it could take a lesson from this site. I love the photos of pets and plants etc so much nicer than someone's dinner or photos of people you don't know but they are there because they are friends of someone you do know it drives me mad so I rarely look at it and never post but I do share when it's someone's lost or found pet. Well it's time to sleep sogoodnight sleep well Rosabeth.

  • Rosabeth, if you click reply and start with the name of the person you are replying to, it will appear under their post, even if a previous reply is above it. If you would like to lock your post, so only members of the BLF forum can read it, please click on community, which is just above submit. Thank you very much for sharing your lovely cats with us. xxx

  • Azure-Sky, thank you for your help I am quite savvy with my eye pad usually googling if I am stuck but just now and again my mind just says it's had enough and I get cross with myself and then nothing works. Add to that my IPad has developed a mind of its own and keeps jumping to different pages, missing letters I know I haven't missed them as there is a space. I am not on Facebook I really don't like it but my husband is. His son set it up for him but he never looks at it. I look every now and then and the other day it was all in German I found out how to switch it back but what is wrong with myIPad I don't know. I think it must be haunted.its not the cats as they are Spanish so it would have been Spanish not German plus I don't think they are quite that clever yet Cooper does try to help me with it at times but I try to keep his twenty pound weight off it I am sure he has some Norwegian Forest in him. You can tell he is big on photos but he is bigger than he looks. I tried to get a photo of him to show his size and I will send it to you but it will come separately. I am in the spare bed as John is snoring his head off and I can't sleep. Fortunately he only does this two or three times a year. Hope you are fast asleep I generally sleep really well and I shall be shattered tomorrow. Rosabeth.

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