Hi. I'm on highest rate DLA. Fill forms and returned for PIP. I've got somebody coming to visit me at home for a consultation about my application. I've been claiming for just over 2years and as you know COPD and bronchiectasis doesn't get better.  I was in hospital over Christmas, got infection now on ciprofloxacin again!!! I'm on 2/4l. Of oxygen and got hospital app next week sleep apnoea my oxygen level been dropping to 75 at night. Usual for me is 88-92. 

Question is has anyone been in situation with PIP. And had it stopped. Way I feel no energy to reapply if they do refuse.

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I have severe Asthma and COPD, but am not on oxygen.  I had a PIP assessment at home.  Keep calm and and be honest.  When you are bad you won't be able to walk at all without having breathing difficulties.  If you feel you can't manage the physical test part of which is bend down and touch your toes, you can say you are unable to do that because it would make your breathing much worse. Just don't refuse without giving a reason why not.  Be clear on how far a metre is, as my assessor reckoned a metre was three yards, instead of 3 feet, three inches, and also reckoned my kitchen was ten metres away from where I was sitting, whereas it is actually 2 to 3 metres away.

Just keep in mind it is allabout how your day to day care and mobility is affected. 

Also, they may not have read anything about you, so you may need to tell them about everything that has and continues to prevent you from living a normal 'healthy' life.  Also, they say they are experts,but the guy I had knew nothing about Asthma medication and took little notice of my COPD.  Mine is nowhere near as bad as yours. I hope this helps.  My gut feeling is that you should be OK, but if not, there is still the option of appealing.

Hope all goes well.

Good reply Anne,

They follow the predefined questions and sound like they are demanding actions i.e. "I need you to stand up then touch your toes" when its actually a request which, with justification can be refused.

Help from CAB or Welfare Rights groups can help - they often can be at the assessment to witness the farce, sorry, event!

Good luck norris

I was asked to stand on my toes after telling her my one toe has been fused had a pin sticking out of it for 8 weeks unbelievable

Thank you for replying. See how it goes:-)

Hi WheezyAnne  I have all your systems but without the oxygen at the moment,I have just had my assessment for PIP at home and still waiting for my answer from the DM , can you say if you got your PIP with your conditions after being assessed  thanks

You will have had a different assessor, your answers will be different. What you put on your form will be different, so I would just wait for your answer and remember you can appeal. What I got, I only got for two years. Hope it goes well. Let me know how you get on. Anne

Hi thanks right thanks will do

Yes I'll let you know how I got on. I'm not very good in mornings takes me ages to wake! up.  Let's hope I hear them when they ring door bell. Haha.

I can't add much to the above answers, but at the assessment you need to say whether you are having a good or bad day.  Also be honest about what you can/can't do on a good/bad day.  Try and comply with the request to bend over and touch your toes - if you get out of breath, your struggle to get breath back will show how disabled you are.  The assessors can't know everything about every disabling condition so you need to  demonstrate the effects of COPD etc

When I arrived at my assessment, I had my O2 with me, and arrived sob, panting and wheezing.  The assessor could hear me from his office and I had no trouble convincing him of the difficulties I experience.

Show how bad you are - the assessors are out to catch the benefit cheats, so you have to convince then you're not one of those!

Hope all goes well

I'm on 8lpm oxygen on exertion, after a visit, at home, re pip, I was only awarded the mobility part.

I'm on 6ltr of oxygen on movement can u tell me abit about ur assessment please x

You have to make sure they realise what you cant do!! Think of worst hour of any day...they just want to save money...dont expect compassion for being ill that wont get any more points

Literally concentrate on all the things you are unable to do.also check on line what gets you points...

I kmow this all.sounds callous but if yoi expect them to be heartless you are less likely to be upset.i understand exactly how you say that you cant face an appeal but this is what the government bank on...that we are too poorly to appeal and disappear into the woodwork....saving them money.

I have heard that a high percentage of cases are turned down as a matter of course so if yoi have no luck please  please summon the energy to appeal you are entitled to your benefit.

Im also on dla but will have to go through this emotional hell soon.i  have autoimmune liver disease which cant be seen  and i look fairly due to a slight yellow tinge so i come off very badly when it comes to these interviews.

My friend who has bad arthritus amd fibromyalgia... and many more problems is going through the same process shes also ready to give in anf let them win but why should we let them get away with taking money we are entitled too!!!!

Im sure you already have been told...

But dont do your hair stay in bed if thats what you would be doing on a bad day.get someone else to let them in and be with you as a record of what they say.good luck.let us know how you get on.best wishes cazer.

Hi. Cazer. Just been on line, some good advice, I won't be washing my hair!!  :-)

Hi Norris did you put on the form thing that help you with your daily living. I applied for pip recently and was awarded it. I have COPD bronchiectasis. Psoriatic arthritis psoriasis and osteoarthritis. And I got most of my point for the things I have to help me to keep my indipendance. Good luck with your claim  I was asked to do the tests only if they didn't cause pain. So I didn't do them  xx

Have had assessment lovely young girl, answered all her questions was fairly breathless answering them, while she was here the physio rang to make appointment for a home visit was struggling!!! Have to wait for the big PIP decision in next few weeks. 

I had appointment in sleep therapy clinic last Tuesday have been given a VPAP is anyone using it and did it help them. Slowly getting used to it.  :-/

If things don't work out for you please do appeal. After i had my assessment at home i was turned down and given very few points. I put in an appeal, joined "benefits &work " website( it cost £15 but the best money i ever spent)  took all their advice, went to appeal and got top points and everything backdated to first application. The appeal judges were so understanding and really kind as they could tell i was very ill. They gave me the result the same day, i just broke down in tears. All the stress of fighting them for a year had really got to me, their kindness took my breath away. The DWP can meke you feel so low, but you must fight as when you are ill you need that money just to live. Good luck with everything.

Thanks. Just waiting for the out come. Will keep you posted.

Have a nice day :-)

At last got my reply from DLA . I've been awarded the Pip allowance for daily living and mobility. Such a relief, one less worry. 😷

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