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Good morning 😊

hi everyone hope you are well and have a great day. Anyone celebrating have a good time and lots of fun. Feeling better now,but need to build my strength back up, says still a little low but improving. Will get there slowly. Off shopping today with husband and granddaughters, should be fun. Then off to pick my grandson Kevin up,so cant wait for that. Chat soon take care and if you don't feel too good get plenty of rest,drink lots and get help help if needed. And please get well soon 😊.xxx

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Hi Damon 🌷

So glad to hear you are on the mend.

Enjoy you day, but don't over do it.


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Damon1864 Im of to work but will celebrate the day with a walk and Mr bear will join me hope you enjoy your day out shopping with your family take care x

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Wishing you well Damon. Take care. Xxx 


Morning Do on, glad your feeling better enjoy your day. Nan


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