Poison or the NHS ?

Poison or the NHS ?

My husband has had life-saving treatment from the NHS - air ambulance, open heart surgery, 2 months in intensive care ...  Nearly 3 years on he was doing well.  Until the local farmer started to poison the village by burning horse manure - the stench and smoke is terrible and I am really worried that my husband's breathing is so bad that he will be back in hospital again.  After the wonderful care - and indeed the cost to the NHS - which saved him what can we do to stop this ?

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Hi pragmatist we had exactly the same problem years ago when there was a stables behind us....the manure piled up so they set fire to it and it smouldered day and night.

I rang the Environmental Health Department and two officials came out....hopefully your council can help...tell them about your husbands health problems.

Are there others in your village that are willing to complain as well....next step is to tell your local councillor then your MP.

Best wishes.

Have you spoken to the culprit and asked him to stop? If he has ignored you and this has happened often, please contact your Council and explain everything to them.

You should be able to get the backing of your doctor too as this.imbecile is affecting your husband's wellbeing.

Good luck to you. Xxx 

Hi again, as Sassy suggested if the farmer is approachable , contact him/ her first. Our stable owner was not, and even the Environmental Officers said he was not a very nice man, so I left it to them to sort out the problem.

Thanks to all of you so far.  I did speak to the farmer some while ago and he said it was a 'one off' because he'd had some sick sheep using the straw.  Fire subsided and then started again about 3 weeks ago so I contacted Environmental Health but nothing happened.  The stack is 20 metres by 10 and growing each week.  Contacted the EH again today and tried to get an update from the local officer but nothing so far.  Will pursue this and try the council and the doctor.  Probably little use trying the local MP - he is well known for never replying to anyone's letters (:

Thanks again

The trouble is that few people want horse manure...a local stable was trying to give it away at the allotment. 

Farmers have slurry pits for cattle waste I think. Our burning heap went eventually when the stable and barns were converted into houses and garages....then we had the building dust to put up with.

I hope you can get more of the local people on your side, and the council and GP.

Good luck

I hope that you wrote to your local Environmental Health and kept a copy either on paper or disc. I know that they have that wonderful modern invention of the telephone but tend to only react to paperwork. 


Best to write to David Cameron t Number 10. Your letter will be sent on to the Department of the Environment and the Minister. He will put a rocket up the MP's arse.

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