Hi everyone

Well feeling so much better now,antibiotics and steroids doing there job,and got rid of the viral infection. My lovely granddaughters Kendra and Stacie helped look after me bless them. I will buy them something nice to say thankyou,they have both been little sweethearts. Well hope you are all fine,and taking care. But if anyone not feeling too well please take care,drink lots and get plenty of rest. If you are celebrating today for any reason have a wonderful time and enjoy your day. Now I feel better,me and the girls are going to bake some pies and cakes so it should be fun. And the weather doesn't look that,so might get in the garden for an hour. Well hope you enjoy your day,take care.😊 xxx

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  • Hi Damon

    Glad you are on the mend, your granddaughters sound as if they have been a great help.

    Enjoy you baking session with them.


  • Hi Velvet.How you doing ☺

  • Hi Nanaeal 🌷

    To be honest, lousy, l spent yesterday in bed and feel the same today.

    Had a telephone chat with the GP, and she  advised me to start my emergency meds.

    Apart from that , l'm OK thanks...

    Hope you are feeling OK.


  • Oh Velvet so sorry to hear your feeling so lousy, 😱hope the meds kick in soon & you feel better 😃I've had a cold which turned nasty 😨 just finishing my Abs & Steroids, feeling much better. 😊  Nan (Ann)

  • Damon1864 sounds as if you've been spoilt lucky u save some pies for me a dit in the sunshine will be nice for u too take care glad your feeling betta Kathy x

  • Hello Damon, good to hear you are getting better and are being well looked after by your lovely girls! Still a bit cold out there for the garden so keep yourself wrapped up nice and warm! 😀 huff xxx

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