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Ever started something and then wished you hadn't

Ever started something and then wished you hadn't

I decided to remove our ingound fibreglass spa/endless swimming pool.

As we cannot add pics to a reply I have to use a "New post"

To Jenss  Martine   Mendy and for "the H.U family" who may be interested.

We have not used the pool for several years and could not justify keeping it (also the maintenance) plus the grandchildren (Who visit in un-announced) It is time to go.  Yes it did have a safety fence, I Jack hammered it out yesterday.

I just wish I wore a younger man's clothes.

I will send another post when it is completed, although unsure which year it will be!!

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Hello Will, I don't want to wear a younger woman's clothes, but do wish I had the strength I had when I was a younger woman .

It will take older brother realised he could no longer give his koi pool the attention it deserves..... age you know, and has filled it in, but installed a striking fountain ....he is pleased with it.


Thanks Jennifer

The LORD rested on the seventh day, me I am going to rest after 2 days.

Just need to recharge the battery.

Stay happy

Your friend from down under



hehe heh sounds about right ......just take it steady and keep grinning . Your new friend from n. w. England



I wish I had the energy to tackle these bigger jobs still but 10 minutes in and I need a day's rest!


Thanks Y_not

I am supposed to be "Normal and healthy" at 74, but someone forgot to tell me. I can look at a job for many days or weeks before actually starting.  This one I could have pulled up a chair as it has been 7 months from the first thought.

Thank you for your reply


(Down Under)


When we went to Spain my husband was 57. We bought a lovely villa on a mountainside with panoramic sea views and a pool bliss but the villa needed work so double glazing two new kitchens one new bathroom central heating and new tiled floors all done by John with a little help from son in law and a central heating engineer for new boiler. Then complete redecorating throughout exept all the old fashioned interior doors which we were going to replace, a year or two on I said if we are not replacing theses doors I at least want them painting white.SIX YEARS LATER John finally gave in and painted them all our friends and neighbours were so stunned by the transformation they all painted their own. When I said don't you wish you had done them when I first asked he actually admitted he did. There were ten doors to do both sides but he went on to do all the fitted wardrobes that actually matched the doors I felt I had moved house it was so lovely. He didn't have the excuse of being older he just didn't want to do anymore. A little tip for the ladies it hubby keeps promising to do a job but never does just say sweetly I am sorry it's too much for you I will ring around and get some prices to get someone in to do it. Works every time just wish I had thought of it sooner.Rosabeth.

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Your hubby was more fortunate.

When we moved into our current home my wife did not LIKE the doors.

I had to replace and paint 18 of them.

I had never done this before and I must say I surprised myself.  17 years later and they are still on and look good..

I know how John must have felt.


Don't forget what he had already done to the villa I forgot to tell you he also painted the outside it was on a mountainside so what we lived in was like a bungalow from the front but on the other side there were three floors directly under was a separate apartment and under again was a massive cellar some people had had these dug out further to make a second apartment then the pool had a thirty foot retaining wall all the steps 57 of them had solid walls on both sides and the Barbie house and the walls between the villas and two chimneys we were quoted 8000 euros for painting it. And all the windows and doors had wrought iron  recas and railings round the pool and then the gates.  I think he was thinking that he never wanted to see a paint brush again which is why I let it go so long without nagging. When the villa needed doing again John did the bottom but we got someone in to do the high part 3000 euros. I did not want John doing it again .when we sold it it was getting close to needing it again by this time John had had an accident snapping his Achilles' tendon followed by two bouts of cancer so it would have had to be a pay up job so we were glad to sell it while it was still in O.K. Condition but another year or two at most. We could have had it done in guaranteed ten year paint but that was 1800 euros. When we had the drive put in we had builders it was more than john could do it did away with 36 steps they were still there but you didn't have to use them and it made it easier for me with my back problem. Oh by the way the doors had to have four coats two base and wo gloss we couldn't buy base coat so had to get it from the U.K they were a hideous orangey varnish that took some sanding and covering. I didn't want anyone thinking he's lazy because he didn't do the doors for so long. Have a good day. Rosabeth

You've certainly got your work cut out there Burraboy! Good luck xx

Thank you Sheilab

Want to lend a hand????

Probably to far to row down here and  i am guessing with many blisters on your hands you will need time off to heal them..

Best wishes


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Wow Will, that looks like some job you have taken on there. Do take things easy, small steps. I have to keep Pete in line and make sure he doesn't overdo things so happy to do the same with you. Take care. xxxxxxxxxxx :) (useless smiley that doesn't work, but it's all I have).

Thanks Sassy

You are right , Small steps or else I might fall into the hole and wind up in China.

Your smiley worked in my gmail notification but alas not here.

I took all the waste to the tip today, put more in the recycle shop than dumped. I hope someone gets some use out of it, too good to throw away.

Kind regards


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Hi Will, its soo good that you can make yourself busy. When i am stressed i just seat indoors, no gym, nothing, which makes me worse. 

G'day Mendy

I always try to spice my posts and replies with a great deal of humor but please accept this one as being anything but that.

Have you thought about what you can do to occupy your mind when you start to feel stressed??? Having a plan to combat it may help.   

Maybe I am lucky as I play guitar, a great form of relaxation. When I finish the housework and feed the animals, I have a list of jobs to be done,sometimes I do not feel like doing any of them so I grab the guitar.

I never get stressed, sure I can be very alarmed when things are not going right with Susan's  illness. As soon as something goes wrong I just say to myself, can you fix it?    If yes  it becomes a task (not a problem) that I need to do and can do . 

 If No

I just say  "I can't handle this Jesus I will leave it up to you". And from that moment I focus on something else.  If you are not religious I do not have any suggestions for you.

I base my existence on my faith and I can prove this to anyone.

I Just look back over my life, especially the troubled times, in spite of all my concerns, things have worked out,maybe not to my satisfaction at times ,but they have been resolved and I am still here.

There is a passage in the bible  Matthew 6 verse 24 - 34.If you do not have a bible and would like to know what it contains you can google it.  I live my life by this passage.


I have had more than my share over my life span.

Greatest was losing my first wife to cancer in 1971 aged 31

Raised 4 girls on my own aged 9-5-3-1

Met Susan 1978 and have had 38 wonderful years with her by my side.

She is my "Angel"

Now IPF has been diagnosed (2014) but I am not stressed, what will be, will be. I have asked what the outcome will be and I have received an answer. So I am at peace.

I have a piece of paper  near my PC on it is written

I once cried because I had no shoes

Then I met a man who had no feet.

I hope my ramblings have not upset you as this is not my intent.

GOD Bless



Great attitude will and thanks for the pool picture.  Quite a task!   Best wishes to you and I hope Susan will be a bit better tomorrow.    xxx

Thanks Jenss

You may like to read my reply to Sheilab.

It sums it up pretty much



We both had a full night's sleep, first time since i don't know when.     Thank you for asking.

Now with fully a recharged battery I am ready for anything.

But wait, it is raining,  Oh well  I guess I will be playing "The Shadows" tunes today.

Stay happy mate


Good to hear about the sleep you both must be feeling much better- wishing you the same for tonight.xx

I just did - loved it!   ...I think I am falling in love :) xxx   

Burraboy, I had to come in on your quote, my son was born with no feet (or left hand). But... he is a practicing barrister in London, married to a gorgeous girl and has four adorable children. Loved the post xx

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G'day  Sheilab

Thank you for your kind comments. 

It is rare for me to "get up on my soapbox", others may need to vent their spleen at times and this can be a great release,just like a pressure cooker valve, but because of my faith, I prefer to use humor, albeit at times I wonder if others see it!!.

Your son is a glowing example of why I keep the little note by my P.C and I'll bet you are very proud of him. 

 When my 3rd daughter was born in 1968, she had a port wine birthmark covering 40% of her face (Still has it despite many laser ops but thankfully covers it with make up). My late wife could not look at her, totally distressed, and would not even breast feed her for 2 days. Finally the Dr's came up with a plan.

They took us to the nursery,all the cribs lined up with bundles of white blankets,all in rows and there in the middle was Donna (our daughter) she stood out like a beacon with her birthmark. My wife shut her eyes and would not look at her.

Then another baby started to cry but the sound was gargled, the Dr told us the little girl had no palete,my wife opened her eyes just as the Dr lifted another little one from it's crib, unwrapped the blanket.  THE BABY HAD NO FEET. My wife soon realised that there were others far worse off than us and started breast feeding that morning. That is why I have carried this little note for the past 48 years.

Will (Australia)

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Awe Burraboy that's a lovely story, I to am a believer, and believe that we were sent these gifts as he trusted us to look after them. Have a great day (sorry night! down under) xx

Thank you Ladies

Will talk soon


Would it not be simpler and possibly cheaper to just fill it in with hardcore and then block pave over. Forgive me if this is obviously not a possibility but I tend to always look for the easiest way of doing things. Best of luck with it. Rosabeth

Thanks Rosabeth.

That is what I will be doing,now that I have removed the upper level of the fibreglass.

I am laying 2ft of rock covered with sand and then soil on top.

Finish with packing sand and pavers


I was brought up in a religious family went to a church school and Sunday school was brought up to help others and to be a decent hardworking person which I have always tried to do. Now I respect everyone's faith and am possibly a little jealous of it because I lost my 49 year old daughter to a particularly vicious cancer she lost her ear part of her jaw and what was left of her face was paralysed making her speech sound drunk I was in Spain my husband had cancer at the same time we lived halfway up a mountain and  John could not speak much Spanish or drive at the time and the nearest shop or doctor or in fact anything was 4 miles away my daughter had her husband two sons and their families John only had me I rang my daughter sent her flowers and presents but could not leave John at that time things were just improving when  John's cancer came back and I was diagnosed with cancer again after 14 years remission then my daughter fell hitting her head on a radiator, yet another operation from which she did not recover. My youngest daughter and all my grandchildren have never spoken to me since as I didn't go to see her. My middle daughter who lived in Spain nearly two hours from us has stuck by me so they don't speak to her either her only fault being she saw what I was up against. My strong faith has been hammered into the ground there is a lot more to all this but I think I have whined enough. I never tell anyone this as it is so painful to talk about I don't know why I have written this now. I keep going with the help of my husband and daughter and her husband. Typing it I have been in two minds wether to post but have decided I will lt may help to actually open up even my doctors know nothing of this.Rosabeth

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G'day Rosabeth

Just arrived home and read you heart wrenching post.

Like I said in my post "Are you sicker than me" there is always someone worse off than you.

I am saddened by the actions of your daughter and can only hope that in time, someone,maybe your other daughter, can get thru to her about her sisters passing.

One thing I have learned in this life, If you can't look after yourself, how can you possibly help others?

From reading the post, and being unable to put myself in your shoes, I can only guess what I would do.

I learned from being on my own with my four young daughters that I could not raise or care for them unless I was able to keep myself healthy and in a strong state of mind.

So I put myself first, followed by the needs of my girls.  Selfish  No!! The situation demanded it.

Likewise you have a duty of care to yourself ,followed by John's illness.

It is obvious that your younger daughter cannot see this. It is tragic that you were not able to be there for your other daughter,but how could you leave John, stranded without support ,whilst he battled cancer. At the very least your other daughter knows and accepts your agonising decision,so that should be something to focus on.

Everything happens for a reason,and most of the time we humans, do not see or understand why this has occurred.

Re religion.

You are right, it matters not so much which denomination we are part of.

I was a Catholic for all of my life until a few years ago,when I decided that I could no longer follow the teachings of the Vatican. Now I do not belong to any church,but place my daily prayers and needs to "THE LORD"

I guess much reading of the bible enlightened my outlook beyond life on earth.

Pretty much every time I am troubled I just say to myself  WWJD

(What would JESUS do)  and therein lies the answer.

I can only focus on my faith and belief that this life is just a short passage in the big wheel and believers do look to what is to come.

I hope you can find peace and change that which you can change

and to accept the things you cannot. 

In my prayers


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