Hi everyone

Brief introduction, I was on this site few years ago, I have copd diagnosed in 2008, also problems with spine and arthritis.

Just joined my 3rd pulmonary rehabilitation course starts Thursday twice week for 6 weeks.

Finding it really hard at the moment, extremely fatigued, can't seem to get my breath and sleep a lot (not ideal as have disabled son and 14yr old daughter).

Just wondered how often any of you have seen specialists as I haven't since the beginning and would like to know what stage I'm at? 

Thanks for listening xx

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  • Junegirl03 im having the same problem my doctors not giving me enough information my consultant I've only seen once and that was in 2013 im sue one of the members will have more information for u their all very kind and helpful take care x

  • Thank you, just think it's important we know we're were at with the disease, I'm sure stressing about it makes it worse and I know my family and myself would benefit xx

  • I couldn't agree more im waiting to attend pumolary rehab soon everyone whose been has been very encouraging saying they give u loads of information about your illness can't wait x

  • Hi yes they do my last one was about 3 years ago, so I'm due for a refresher. My memory gets so foggy its good to brush up on it all. I've already found out my blood pressure is very low and oxygen low too just hope I have the energy to get there! Xx

  • That's good news but I hope your strength improves take care x

  • Thank u x

  • Evening welcome back.

    I see my consultant every 6 months used to be every 3 when I was getting constant infections,  I also see my Respiratory nurse in between or if I get an infection and I have a nutritionist.. Probably because I have severe Emphysema not sure.

    Kim xxx

  • Rhi thank you kim that's joyful to know. I'm thinking I'm now,severe because of the impact on my life as bad as it seems far too many days I can't do anything even get dressed, I know I was moderate but now in my 8th year of copd and decline lately seems huge, been under copd nurse team for years lots,of infections. Think I will ask at pulmonary rehabilitation see what they say xx

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