Elderly, advanced copd and vascular dementia

Hi all. My mum is 77, vascular dementia diagnosed 3 years ( although showing signs 7 years maybe) and also has COPD. When mum has an exacerbation her memory is extremely bad. Mum has had constant exacerbations since November. Chest X-ray shows COPD is advanced. Now on nebuliser daily and antibiotic therapy. Even putting shoes on SOB. 

What can I expect from the near future? 

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  • Sorry to hear about your mum. It must be hard for her and you. Does she live with you? If not does anyone ensure she takes her meds and nebuliser? My mother in law has dementia but is otherwise well and she has a carer in twice a day. 

    I hope your mother gets all the help she needs, xxx 

  • Mum had carers 3x daily up until January. Mum went in to residential care. We have experienced a lot over the past 6 months. Not waiting in for carers, going out in the night, not dressed for the weather, not listening to her copd and taking action when an exacerbation arrives. Mums dementia simply stops her from looking after her COPD. Since being in residential mum still has exacerbations but I know she is safe and if anything was to happen with SOB she can be cared for ASAP. 

  • My heart goes out to you. Dementia is terrible without COPD too. Take care. Xxx 

  • This must be so hard for you and I feel for you and for your dear Mum.  Maybe it would help you to talk to someone from BLF - you will find the number by clicking on the red balloon at the top or someone will come along with it shortly.

    love cx

  • Thanks. I will give them a call x 

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your mum and I know how you must feel. I am sure she is in a safe place now. My dad started having problems with his medication and other things and in the end he came to live in a nursing home near us. It was a hard decision to make especially as he did not think he had a problem. I hope your mum feels as settled as my dad does now and like you I have the security of knowing he is safe and being looked after.


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