Thank you all, again !

The response to my post about Pulmonary Rehab and the Fit Squad has been very encouraging, this site is the 'bees knees' for help and support long may it last. I even bought a Fitbit HR Charge to make exercise more interesting, one thing that has shown up is I suspect I have a slight chest infection and my daily steps had dropped over three weeks but now hopefully they are on their way back up as I'm feeling better. The Fitbit has gone a bit wonky, my ipad isn't synchronising at the moment, it just says, Looking, but doesn't find what it's looking for. If there are any Fitbit Boffins out there, help! Love to all and sundry.

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  • Hello Tatters,

    I am sorry I don't have a fitbit - I bought one but it does not work off my desktop computer - my family love my mistakes, they do well out of them.  I don't think it will be long before you get the answer you are looking for. This is a wonderful place to be.


  • What is a fitbit?  Should I have one?

  • pergola same here I'm clueless Neva heard of a fitbit x

  • When I was a lad, some while ago now, a Fit Bit was a tidy young woman, I tell my friends I'm staying in on Saturday nights now with 'my fit bit and a glass of whisky' !!! lol. I get some funny looks as you can imagine. It's a modern gadget like a watch that you wear 24 hrs a day, it records several pieces of information, heart beat, steps taken, calories burned,  hours of sleep etc. Whilst there is a small screen on the gadget you can download all the info to a PC or ipad. Each week you get a print out sent by email giving you your best days and a general summary. It's not an exact science but easy to compare your own activity. I have only briefly outlined the use of them. Cost is just under £100 not cheap but if you do get a watch as well.

  • Arrrrr I should have read the other comments before making mine ,,,oops wrong thing altogether ,,,,I'd rather like an Apple Watch but there too pricey for me ,,,,,and I probably wouldn't know how it worked anyway ,,,,,hope you get your Fitbit sorted soon ,

  • It's the thing my wife assured me she MUST HAVE, before taking me out for a walk today (her walking & me on a Tramper scooter) and then telling me that she'd forgotten to wear it so she had no idea how many steps, heart rate or pulse.

    She's still alive (well, she made tea!) so I guess that even without it, she's still fairly fit!

  • I a Garmin Vivofit (a bit cheaper).  They've been working on the website all of yesterday so I couldn't upload my results for over 24 hours.  Can now, but some of the service is still down.  It's worth checking the service cover in the Help pages.  It may also be worth emailing the Help Desk to see if they have any suggestions

  • Thanks Ergendi I will check it out. I've a lot going on at the moment, just updated my £12 Nokia to a modern one, changing my broadband, having them all with BT, so it's fingers crossed. Modern technology is marvellous, until it goes wrong, have a nice day.

  • I think mine is a fit bit ,( it's attached to my trainer laces ,,,) it's conected to my iPod ,to the Nike app ,it tells me distance etc ,and keeps a record of distances ,

    I'm not sure if that's the same as yours ,,,,my son in law set it up for me ,hope you get yours fixed soon ,anything that gives us encouragement is good ,

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