Update on "pollution"

Update on "pollution"

So having hummed and hahhed phoned 111 and after the same questioning from three different people they decided to phone me an ambulance.FOUR hours later it arrived,the Paras checked my chest and sats and said next time just phone 999 direct you should have been in by now.They upgraded me to blue light emergency and off we went.Straight into resus,very efficient .Stayed six days having all sorts of tests ( all on a bank holiday weekend ).Still no conclusion but I reckon it was the pollution.Gradually getting back to normal,stomach still a bit iffy.Hope you are all enjoying the improvement in the weather ,I surely am.Chat soon chums.D.                                                                           Ps. They,ve put me on heart pills to keep rate down,another life time pill.I need my own nurse just to remind me which pills to take when,this is Half a pill twice a day,even have to cut up my own pills,madness lol.

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  • Hi Farmer D

    I am pleased you are back home and on the mend.😁😁

    A very fetching photo of you....Where's your Hat ? 😁

    Just remember to keep your cool, when you are reading about the Tories in the newspapers.....Definitely no Meltdown Rants for you anymore.... And if you succumb, make sure you have your half a chill pill beforehand and the other half afterwards !!! 😁😁

    How come you got away with half a pill...l have to have a whole one , am and PM....and as you know,  l very rarely Rant !! 😁😁

    You may have one, but if not,  the pill cutters you can buy in most chemists or supermarkets are very good, and inexpensive.

    Take care YA HEAR !! ...nice to see you back posting

    Velvet xx 😂😂

  • Daft thing is they gave me six tiny pairs of scissors!The world has gone madD.

  • Hi D

    Do you think the are dropping a hint that your hair needs cutting 😁😁😁 xx

  • No I think You are dropping that one lol.Another reason for Mrs D too chase me with the scissors.D.

  • Good to see you back Farmer D. I'm on one Bisoprolol Fumarate 2.5 each morning. Seems to be keeping mine down.

    Take care Suzyxxx

  • 😘😘😘😘 for Suzy 

  • 😻😻😻🙆🍀🍀🍀 for you sassy, have a good day.


  • Thanks Suzy,Metoprolol for me 25 mg morning and night,seem to work ok.D.

  • Hi farmer D ....glad you are improving.

    The defra air quality website shows an area of moderate to high pollution in the South East of the UK today. The BBC weather site also shows pollution levels in your local area.

    Take care

  • Glad to hear they eventually looked after you and you are feeling better, you will have to tell them you need a carer to do your pills. Good picture selfie or did someone take it for you ? The weather was lovely yesterday in the Midlands but it's overcast today long range forecast for most areas is wet, wet ,wet and I don't mean the group  :) :)  Take care D and we will speak again soon. Oh thought you might like to know my sister signs as D on her mail just another topic of conversation.

  • Hi D, those pills are awful to cut and l don't envy you there.

    You get well very soon and take it easy. No 111 in future though. XXxX 😉

  • Phew! Glad you are now recovering from that experience! Pollution is a serious issue, it effects us acutely being lung compromised as we are 😕

    I've just read that the nhs are 70,000 staff less after a head count? that's about how many pills you'll be on a day if you're not careful lol! Take it easy now and get yourself fully functional, hugs huff xxx

  • Having to cut up your own tablet is disgraceful. They'll pull the funding on the person who opens the bottles for you soon. Oh cruel world ! Hope you feel better after your stay.

  • Sorry you had to wait so long for an ambulance Farmer D.  In an emergency always ring 999.  I don't know which area you live in but in the SW they always come within minutes of the call.

    Take care and best wishes.

  • Good to hear your on the mend Farmer, picture is a familiar sight! Look after yourself xx

  • Hello Farmer, very fetching picture. What a way to spend a bank holiday. Pleased you are much better now. Good to see you back. X

  • Note to self stop it with the selfies,it,s for the kids lol.

  • Hi Farmer glad you are on the mend.

    You can buy a tablet cutter on Ebay just £2.65 they are very good.

    take care

    polly xx

  • Thanks Polly,I,ll check that out.D.

  • What magnificent beard Farmer D :)

  • Awe thanks Azure,I do like my beard ,unlike my wife,keeps trying to attack me with scissors.D.

  • Hi

    That must have been pretty scary.  Luckily they got to you in time.  I think 999 instead the best . The endless questions when you can scarcely breathe.  Hope you are recovering ok?

    Look after yourself.


  • Yup Malinka ,it,s 999 for me.D.

  • Glad you're back home farmerd, take it easy   janx

  • Thanks Gran.D.

  • So glad you are back home and are feeling a bit better, you'll have to have your own bank holiday when you feel up to it! Best wishes to you Mogworth!!

  • Thank you Mog.D.

  • So pleased to hear from you FarmerD.   I do read your posts though do not often reply or post.  I was wondering how you were doing and really glad you home after your ordeal.  Thinking about you and sending you the very very best.

    Love Moi x x x

  • Thanks Moi.D.

  • Bloody hell Farmer you don't do things by half must of been scary for you but glad your back home and on the mend. Ask your chemist for a pill cutter  

  • Thanks Ona,D.

  • hi farmer d so sorry you had such a bad turn, hope you start to feel better soon, take care, MM  xxx

  • hi farmer d sorry you had such a bad turn, hope you start to feel better soon, take care, MM   xxx

  • Bless you and all you suffer through. I pray for improvement for you overall!

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