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Dad came out of hospital Thursday after being in for 5 days with high co2, it's been a roller coaster of weeks after what seemed like a "normal" 3 months he's been admitted twice in the past month. Exactly what happened 3 months ago. This time there was talk of what happens when the bipap machine no longer removes the co2 i.e. Ventilation or not. He choose not, but it got me worried that I thought we was approaching that stage. Thankfully for the first time since October we have had a visit from the community respitory nurse! What a difference speaking to her, and having the knowledge that they are going to be coming at least once a week to check on dad. It's crazy how life turns and instead of dad looking out and after me I'm doing the looking after him ( even though I'm 28) lol. I understand things aren't going to get easier but knowing that I'm doing the best I possibly can is all I can do.

Love and best wishes xx

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  • You seem to be doing a great job for your dad Melissa and l both good wishes.

    Take care Xxx 

  • Melissa87 I think your dad must be very proud of u for taking such good care of him take care both Kathy xx

  • You are being a wonderful, caring daughter for your dad, Melissa, and it's good that you have the support and help from the nurses for you both.

    All the best.

    Tee x

  • You are looking after dad real well Melissa; good that you are both getting support. x

  • much love to you both xx

  • Your Dad has a Daughter he can be proud of and I am sure he knows this.  I am pleased for you that now he is having the home visits, this will ease some of your worries.



  • all you can do is your best, im sure your dad appreciate it😊 xxx

  • Sounds like your doing a great job Melissa well done! It is hard, but with a good support network you and Dad will handle things. Take care xx

  • Bless your heart! I am sure it is a trying experience for you a nd that your dad thinks you are an angel.

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