My job is to stay healthy and live healthy 👍

 My job is to stay healthy and live healthy 👍

I battle the big C every day I was a smoker so the coughing made me curious and when I got a check up they found that I had 3B lung cancer it was in my lymph nodes around my heart and a tumor the size of a golf ball on my lung we experimented with protons and also the chemo was in remission for over two years and then the lung cancer spread to my brain and I had a tumor in the back of my brain was able to remove it and not long after that another tumor appeared in the front of my brain Battling cancer three times I go to the university of Penn in Philadelphia for chemo once a month and scans every two months this I need to do for the rest of my life this is what is keeping me in remission Every morning I wake up is a blessing God bless God is good no matter what good or bad enjoy your day and just keep doing👍

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  • Keep on fighting Docjoe and good luck to you. Nice photo. Xxx 

  • Hi Docjoe, sassy is right, nice photo. You certainly look very healthy. Very upbeat and inspirational post. Thanks.


  • Docjoe123 your amazing how u battle your illness makes me feel humble god bless u on your journey love Kathy x

  • Hi Docjoe, nice to meet you.

    You have certainly had a lot thrown at you.  Your post conveys a very positive attitude, which is impressive, and long may your remission continue.

    I wish you well and every good luck.

    Tee x

  • Amazing story. You look really well. Wishing the best for you. P

  • Hi Docjoe

    Amazing attitude.  Keep on keeping on hun.


  • You are very courageous. God Bless You.

  • positive thoughts winging their way to you xxx

  • Keep fighting, love your attitude and your positivity .  You have been to hell and back by the sound of it. All the very best to you.


  • Docjoe   You are a very brave man, what a wonderful outlook on life. Keep doing just what you are doing because you look well on it,

  • What a wonderful positive attitude, wishing you well with your battle x 

  • Hi Docjoe; what a great attitude you have. Sorry you have had such a fight with C but great you are winning. Lovely photo. Take Care Margaret x

  • Docjoe123 you`re an inspiration ! I was feeling sorry for myself this morning till I read your post. What a survivor you are and long may that continue.  God Bless, Sheila xxx

  • Lovely to meet you DocJoe. I sincerely hope the treatments you have continue to keep the Big C at bay.  I have heard the proton beam has good results.

    Here is an article about proton therapy by the NHS and it's availability.

  •  It was good reading the article the protons do work I believe especially where they had to use it on me thanks for the article 😊

  • Inspirational DocJoe.

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