Ionisers/purifiers ??

Hi all, I need advice on this ?? I am on Oxygen 2l over 16 hours. I moved home just before Christmas (what a nightmare never ever again, next move for me will be "in a Wooden Overcoat" !!

Anyway the house needs a bit of TLC nothing major. My other half has been sanding down all the paintwork and doors in hallway. Bless him he has moved me to rooms keeping the doors shut and has been constantly hoovering behind him BUT the dust is horrendous everywhere yes not good. I have been online trying to find professional dust removers. Have been advised too to get Ionisers/air purifiers !?? Will these affect me or my oxygen intake ?? Hope someone could advise me on this God bless xx

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  • Hello Nitap, could you not move to relatives or friends in the meantime.. It must be so hard for you, and so upsetting for your husband too, to think everything he is trying to do to make life better for you is causing you distress.

    I know moving is a nightmare, I have been there...and I thought, well all these boxes have been in my loft for 25 years and I have never needed anything out of them so let them go to Charity shops,  and I did,. and felt so much better for it.  You have to be ruthless.

    I know nothing about ionisers but I do use a dehumidifier  and plenty of indoor plants which may help.

    Jennifer xx

  • Thank you so much for your speedy reply Jennifer. Unfortunately most of my family (two sons and grandchildren) live in London and although I love London 😂 It's not the best place for clean air. I have a lovely cousin who lives 10 mins away from me but she moved there 2 days before me and has the same dust problem xx I do have a Humidifier in Ensuite and bathroom areas and perhaps a few plants once dust is gone would be good.

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  • You too Nitnap. Sorry it is not possible at the moment. I bought a Buff recently, and maybe that would help keep the dust away from your nose and mouth in the house?

     Bought on the advice of sufferer2

    Night night, sleep tight.


  • Jennifer what is a Buff ?? xx

  • A tube made of a fine fabric that protects your lungs.  You pull it over your head and it covers your nose and mouth. I bought mine online but am sure you could get one from sports shops. They are good.


  • Thanks Jennifer. I used your link and now know what you are talking about. Invaluable in chillier times and for avoiding dust,fumes etc. I'll be getting mine asap.

  • I am sure it will help in lots of ways.


  • Hi

    For such a short duration, I would use plenty of damp cloths to wipe down woodwork when finished, if floor coverings are suitable mop floors after finishing each room. During process leave doors closed and windows open.

    Could also mention that fast is good, faster is better🙈🙉🙊

  • Thanks yes if the weather is like I has Ben today all doors and windows open tomorrow xx all the carpets were here when we moved in !! Plain dark Navy blue ?? My Dyson has been punished Hoover well 30 mins later needs hoovering They are going 😜

  • I have an ioniser in my bedroom, I'd been waking up with really bad headaches and decided to get one after reading an article about them. I'm not on oxygen so I can't say whether or not they would be suitable for you but, basically they're said to clean the air. The one that I have is quite small but it does draw in small particles and somehow seems to freshen the air. To me it seems a bit like sea air or the nice freshness you get after it's been raining, and I haven't woken with a headache since I've been using it. I've also used it in the kitchen on the odd occasion to 'clear the air' when the cats food has had a particularly strong smell. i bought the cheapest one I could find as I wasn't convinced they would be much help, it was less than £13 from Amazon. It may be worth your while trying out a cheap one to see how you get on with it.

  • Magpuss - how noisy is it? I frequently wake with a headache but I need a silent room to sleep. Just thinking that if I could hear it I'd be listening to it, I can't sleep with a ticking clock, and a relaxation/sleep CD is a no-no as I listen intently and try to work out the pattern to the music. I think I may be a hopeless case 😁.

  • It's very very quiet, so quiet that I can't hear it above the 'noise' of my tinnitus. 

  • Yes I am a very light sleeper but now I have my Oxy machine in En Suite, still can hear it xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Thank you for your reply xx

  • Hi nitap

    I was reading an article yesterday that Dyson have brought out a new air cleaner for use in the home.

    It got rave reviews, and removes even the smallest impurities and  particles from  the air.

    As normal with Dyson, it does what it says...but at a price.

    I think the tower model was about £400.

    Velvet x

  • these look great , BUT VERY EXPENSIVE !

    Ive not seen them before , so will have a look on google for something similar .

    thanks  though  x

  • Me too xx

  • I started with a cheap one as I wasn't convinced that it would make any difference but if I get another one (I'm thinking of keeping the one I've got, in the kitchen) I'll buy the best I can afford - which won't be a dyson. Well - not unless I win the lottery!

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you 😂😂


  • Ta 🤑

  • Thank you xx

  • Me too for the lottery !! Got a Blue Air one and it helps keep well xx

  • Yes I have seen them omg expensive eh !! 

  • Hi nitap could you check out "ionisers pros and cons" on Google. Some of these can be harmful to delicate lungs.

  • Oh thank you for that, yes I will do my homework and will also ring my Respiratory nurses on Monday morn xx

  • There are lots of plants that will both help to puify the air and oxygenate it. Again if you put a search on google there are lots that may help. Good luck and take care xx

  • If you look up these items on Amazon there are often reviews which can be very helpful. 

    I'm going through the same process myself. A lot of dust. I invested in a Bosch sander, about £35. It's got it's own plastic container (far better than the dust bags of old) for collecting the dust. It works really well. In the shape of a mini iron and good for most things. This and copious supply of baby wipes for wet dusting really help. P

  • Oh Baby Wipes ?  I always have these at home will try ! Thanks xx

  • Natural purifiers are house plants. Google. There's a Top ten. I've got Peace lily's. Top of list and easy to maintain and pretty. Advised to have 14 purifier plants in House,but small houses less. Can add manmade ones. Just Google and research. Will only do good and help guard from infection. Don't need spend fortunes! Happy new home wishes. 

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