Poems for my family

Poems for my family

I write these poems ,the first was for my daughters wedding day ,

The bottom right was a poem I wrote before my Grandaughter was born ,the top right was was written for my daughters 40th birthday ,

If any wants me to put them on individually I will ,or if your on an iPad screen shot them and then you can zoom in ,

I hope you like these Jennifer ,

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  • Oh I do Nanny - you should not hide these from the public, they have to be shared.  I am so pleased you decided to post these Nanny.  They are written from your heart and are very beautiful.  Everyone will take pleasure in reading them.  You have a rare gift that many would give the world  to have. .  If you could enlarge the third one (I cannot enlarge it enough to see) I do so want to read it.  

    Mine are more melancholy than yours but I'll give them a go on here some time.

    Thankyou again  so much.  and night night. :-)

    Jennifer xx

  • I'll look forward to seeing your poetry ,I've always loved poetry,but only started when I couldn't find a card for our daughters wedding day ,from Her parents ,so I made the card and wrote the verse ,and took it to our local printer ( I didn't have one then ) now cards for daughters on their wedding day are every where ,

  • They are very touching poems, Nanny, and show the feelings of someone who loves a lot.  Your family are very lucky.

    Tee x

  • Thankyou 

  • Hi Manny I couldn't enlarge to read I love the written word and your do talented to be able to write poems would love to see them individualy thank u for sharing nos da x

  • Thankyou ,I've written more over the years ,like my granddaughters christening ,and her first day at school ,and when she told us she didn't like school ,,,,but that was before I had an iPad ,,,,I'll have to get my daughter to photograph them for me ,as I didn't keep copies ,

  • Thankyou ,I've put them on again 

  • There on now ,Thankyou ,

  • Hi Nanny

    They are beautiful. Written from your heart.

    You are very talented,.... more please.


  • Not sure how to enlarge this for an ipad?

  • I've put them on again ,

  • Poems straight from the heart, your Family will always treasure them! Thank you for sharing them here with us Nanny and I hope we will see some more of your poetry soon.😃🌹🌸🌼💜 huff xxx

  • Thank you ,

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