No pip for me

Hi all.

Got my letter today.

I've been refused pip."I'm not disabled enough,apparently.

Yes, I can prepare and cook a meal.

Yes,I can wash and dress

But I can't get out of my house without my partner/daughter.although according to them I am able to follow and plan a journey without any problem.

Oh how I wish this were true.

I plan to appeal their decision.

Very disappointed 

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  • I am so sorry to hear this.  I hope you will get help from a benefits expert Welfare Rights/CAB/DIAL to help with your appeal.  I am waiting for my results, or should I say dreading.

    Good luck hun.  Hope you get a more realistic decision on appeal.

    love cx

  • Hi cofdrop.

    I'm asking them to reconsider,but will not take it to appeal,too much stress for me.



  • Hi fantasy sorry to hear this yes I would appeal good luck. 

  • Hi cofdrop.

    Good luck with your claim.

    The refusal letter is very matter of fact.

    You have to write and tell them why you disagree with the decision,then,if still no joy,you can appeal.

    It's terrible that they actually agree that I have a disability,but it's not worthy of any help.just because you can't see it.

    Take care

  • If I were you hun I would get advice before you contact them.  As I understand it they should have stated where you didn't get points.  Best to get advice on the best way moving forward with your reply in case you need to go to appeal, which I sincerely hope you don't.

    love cx

  • Thanks cofdrop.

    They did state where I was/wasn't eligible for points.

    I was only awarded 4 points in total.

    I only have 3 weeks left to reply,the letter is dated 24/3. Which is a week ago.

    I won't have time to get an appt with cab or one of the other organisations.

    Plus,I cannot get there on my own,and my partner works full time.

    So am going to draft my own reply,and see what happens.

    But thank you.

  • Hi fantasy was that 4 points for care did you get nothing for mobility haw far can you walk before getting breathless 

  • Hi nottobad.

    The 4 points was for mobility.

    They have stated I am able to walk 50m aided or unaided.

    But I cannot walk more than 20m if that,and that's if I have my hubby to hold onto.

    I get very breathless just walking a few feet.let alone 50m.

  • I don't understand that I was awarded 8 points for mobility  and got standard rate because I can stand and then move unaided more than 20 meters but no more than 50 meters. This gives you 8 points did you put 20m on the form surely the person who assessed you could see you had difficulty walking the one I saw. Could see I had difficulty walking try and get some help with your letter because it all comes down to the right wording 

  • Could be they may be able to help you over the phone.  BLF may also be able to help.  Worth a try.   xxxxx

  • That sounds just like my husband, he was refused as well and they said exactly the same, My husband cooking is a pot noodle and a fry up. He also cannot got beyond my car, he cannt walk far enough to get to the bus not that he would use said transport.  So that was that as he wouldnt appeal. He said i wont miss it but i deal with the money. Hope you get it on appeal. 


  • How long ago did your husband apply for pip   I would try again  don't think many people get first time in fact I'm sure they don't 

    Take care 


  • His last payment was on the 1st March 2016. He is too old now he is 68yrs next birthday. He was told by all members of the family to appeal he said no. He was going to look into Attendance Allowance, instead but hasnt done as yet. Its me who has got to now check what money i'm spending to keep us afloat. Good job i still have mine, and i'm only 66yrs next birthday. I have a mobility car and still get Personal Care paid in so its not too bad. 

     Hope you get yours sending hugs. Don't give up like my old man. XXX


  • The reason most disabilities and conditions fail to get any points is lack of documentary evidence, a letter from the GP or a consultant or other medical specialist. Without documentation what you tell the assessor will not be taken into account.

  • The only thing I sent was my repeat prescription form and a letter from my last consultant appointment and was awarded it. They do send a form to your GP to fill in and any other medical person you put on the form 

  • Ah. in theory they send a form to your GP etc.....................I would not rely on it though...

    I made a point of asking my GP for a supporting letter, although  there is no obligation for any GP to do so, mine obliged.

    As I said before, only documented issues will be taken into account, no matter how obvious you may feel your condition may be to the assessor.

    No supporting paperwork, no points.

    Of course there are exceptions, an ex senior nurse doing the assessment ( As I had) may well be happy coming to conclusions about the severity of your disability without paperwork, but do not rely on this........

    There are sites and forums dedicated to helping with the PIP process and I recommend strongly that anyone struggling with the PIP application seeks these out and asks for help there.

  • So why waste time doing a home visit if thats the case? XXX


  • Sorry, I do not understand what you are trying to say.............What is wasting time?

  • If they dont take into  account  what you say, then why do home visits. The reason no supporting paper work from consultant is that he is trying to deal with it his own way. They told him there was nothing they can do for him. 



  • Then he must get a letter from them stating that, and a description of how the condition affects him, either in the same letter or one from a nurse or GP etc.

    The reason that no weight is given to what you say at an assessment is that it is just hearsay, anything could be said. Not just people falsely claiming what they shouldn`t but  for people that cannot communicate well and may fail to present vital evidence.

  • That i would agree but this is my husband who can be blxxxdy minded at times and doesnt even go GP so I'm the one who has to cope with things . I'm very good where money comes into it. Ican cut things down to basic and he gets no frills. XXX


  • You MUST appeal. This happened to me a few years ago and I appealed twice.  I was told to persevere.  I got great help from Welfare Rights department and in the end was told I should have been awarded it the first time around!!!  I receive Higher Rate mobility AND Higher rate Care Component.  Its a Godsend. 

    Please PERSEVERE.  

    Good luck


  • I'm in the same situation only getting 4 points for mobility. I'm just waiting for my appeal date. My doctor wasn't helpful at all and I've seen the form he filled in (got the dates of my diagnosis wrong etc) A CT scan states quite extensive emphysema but according to my Doc what I have is only very mild, well he should try living with it.

  • Hi fluke.

    I'm sorry your doc isn't helpful,don't think any of them are.

    I have severe stage 4 emphysema.

    It's a terrible condition to live with.

    Good luck with your appeal.

    I am just asking for a reconsideration,see if they change their minds.



  • A reconsideration is really for instances that are borderline and will not be given for an assessment such as yours which has been interpreted so badly for you.

    Also, I can understand you wanting to send a letter to explain but that is something I would advise against. It is too easy for them to dismiss, whereas a properly constructed appeal may well give a way forward.

    I suggest you seek advocacy, either through  a local concern or even an online one.

    Reason being, the DWP has it`s own use of language and respond better to those who can compile a document in that language!


    and remember there are time limits on appeals and reconsiderations.

  • No joy for me at the reconsideration stage and they said that i'm now saying I need help with going to the toilet and dressing myself. I have never said this and i'm beginning to think the people who do these forms must be doing two at a time and getting things mixed up.

    Hope you get a better outcome with your reconsideration Fantasy3 

  • Fantasy3......................

    This is a cut n paste from an answer to someone else in the same position..................

    ******Your decision letter should also contain info about taking the next step to a tribunal hearing. Be sure to do this within the time allocated. This means your application will be considered afresh by an independent panel of people. Many claimants are having to do this, it has almost become the norm - and the success rate is quite high.

    Now you have the assessors report your task is to challenge it point by point, showing where you DO meet the scoring descriptors. It's very tempting to call the a lying load of b******s -but this won't get you an award - so stick to the facts and back it up with supporting evidence or reference to documents already supplied. Keep a copy of everything, and everyone you speak to. Good Luck x


    Hope that is useful.........

    Meanwhile, start gathering as much supporting documentation as you can, keep a daily diary of how you cope and what you struggle with, Ask your GP for a supporting letter.........Whatever you can think of.....

  • I was refused DLA mobility allowance some years ago and went to appeal.  I had to send a letter adding any additional information.  I realised that my original claim had said that " I get sob and have to keep stopping to get breath". so when I sent the letter I explained how uncomfortable it was to be sob (ie palpitations, head pounding, panic, need to wee urgently, unable to get breath in or out, wheezing) and how often this occurred  - like every couple of minutes and every 5 metres or so.  

    I wonder if the people who read the forms are trying to weed out false claimants so unless you put in the exact effects they may suspect you aren't genuine because someone who hasn't got the condition wouldn't know all this.  

    They accepted the additional evidence in my letter and I was awarded the DLA without attending the hearing

    I've now moved to PIP, and think the same principles apply - you need to be explicit! Having been through the system I now have a good idea of how it works......

    How sob do you get when you cook, wash and dress? Why can't you go out without husband or daughter?  If your only problem is mobility/walking then you'll only get awarded points for that.  

    Following and planning a journey without any problem is more to do with mental abilities than physical ones (eg someone with learning disabilities)

  • This is so unfair - you must appeal - good luck & I hope you have good news soon  xx

  • Hi just saying as I agree with cofdrop with seeking advice first and use Internet and show proof as this hopefully drop them in it and they HAVE to give you what you ARE entitled within the law as you are not giving false information then you're allowed entitlement within reason 

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