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I suffer from Pulmonary Fibrosis and last week went to see my lung Specialist who told me nothing more can be done to relieve my condition. I told her that on the slightest movement I become breathless, which leads me to panic. She suggested I take a very small dose of Morphine which sometimes can ease breathless attacks. I was surprised as I always regarded Morphine as a pain killer. Has anyone else been recommended to use Morphine ?

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I and many others uses Oramorph. The dose is small typically 1.25m four times a day, or as directed by your GP. don't exceed the recommended dose.

It is not addictive, although can make you sleepy, another side effect is constipation which your GP can give you a mild laxative, it soon wears off after repeated use.

I also take lorazepam half tablet twice a day for anxiety, again a small dose.


Thanks ffor your response stone, I will let you know how I get on with it.  What a beast this disease is !


Sorry to hear your specialist can't help you anymore , I hope the Morphine gives you some relief

Good luck with it

Love Sohara


Thanks for your response will let you know


Hi Sylvia, just last night I read a link someone posted here about IPF. It said that small regular doses of morphine can help take away the sensation of breathlessness. I hope it works for you and eases your discomfort a little.


Hi, not something I'm proud of but being a heroin smoker I find it relieves the tightness in my chest....same thing I think both opiates ??


Good Morning Nancy. I haven't seen you post before so welcome to the community. Glad you got the answers you need, no pearls of wisdom from me just wanted to say hi. Nan


Hi Nan,keep fighting, thinking of you😊 xxx


Thanks Damon


To Sylvia...yes my Doctor recently prescribed it to me to help with my persistent cough. ..I take it at night 2.5 no the smallest dose...I'm waiting on a c.t scan to establish what's wrong ...last night I had an attack and couldn't breathe. .I keep bringing up mucous and it's starting to block my throat  it was really terrifying. .I hadn't taken my morph as had couple glasses of wine... !..no more wine for me of an evening! !..I hope you get some relief ... ☺


Hi , Sorry to hear of your suffering , I too have reached the end of relief from medicines , I am two and a half years into I P F  , I am oxygen 24/7 - 4 ltr  I take 24 tablets a day , The weather doesn't seem to be helping any with the cold into the lungs. Panic control seems to be the only way of getting through it , when moving sit down immediately you start to panic - take short breaths - don't forget through the nose and build up to a deeper breath . I have chairs around the house to use if necessary , it is very hard not to go over into the panic mode but please try and relax I know its not easy , this is my experience ,I hope it will help you to face it , At the moment I am struggling but will not give in and sit in that wheel chair , Good Luck -John


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