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Thank you everyone who replied to me it was so nice to hear from you all, and to hear your kind words, I'm trying very hard to lift myself out of this little black hole and look on the positive side of things, which when I get good days they are lovely I'm full of opposition, what really frustrates me is I can't do things like gardening wall paper Painting, all the everyday things too, I thought this would happen a long way down the line, and now this thing with my heart ,and the thing is the doctors tell you not to worry, how can you not worry. Thank you everyone again I do hope this email finds you in good spirits wrap up warm keep safe love to you all.

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  • Hello Lyn

    Good for you trying to remain positive.

    I guess anyone with long term illness has to accept their limitations before they can move forward.

    It is very frustrating, realising we can no longer do things we used to do with ease.

    Now l take every day as it comes....if l can do it, l will....if l can't.. l have a good rant and move on.

    I have been diagnosed recently with heart disease, it took me by surprise, but a least l know about it, and can follow the Docs orders...and adjust things accordingly.

    What's the point in worrying about it....l can't change it.

    Look after yourself, healthily, ..try to do some form of exercise every day, rest when you need to , and don't feel guilty about it. ..Try and get out every day, just sitting in the garden and getting some daylight will lift your spirits, and summer will soon be here... Find some new hobbies, something you enjoy and can manage.

    Slowly but surely you will find your positive days will far outweigh your bad days.

    Keep well, keep smiling...big hugs from me

    Velvet xx

  • That's lovely!!!

  • Thanks velvet, I am going to write those tips down. Take care 

  • Hi knitter

    Life is not all fun as we are well aware, and some days l am absolutely knackered.

    I went down the road of depression a few years ago,'s not a nice place to be. 

    It took time, and medication, and a good hard look at the way l interpreted events in my life.

    I emerged from it with a different outlook on life.😂😂

    I never want to go there again.

    I have one's different now with illness, but it's the only one l've got and l am going to Enjoy it while l can😂😂😂


  • Hello Velvet, love reading your posts.  I am feeling dreadful today but after reading your post have forced myself to get breakfast and will wrap up and sit outside.  Trouble is, always feel am letting people down - have had to cancel lunch today!  However, your posts are uplifting!  Thank you so much.

  • Hi Juney

    I bet you will feel better for it. 

    Don't feel guilty about cancelling lunch, it can't be helped if you are not feeling well. I am sure they will understand.

    I hate being stuck indoors all day, l like to feed the birds in my garden...if you do it every day you get loads of visitors.

    Sometimes if l am not up to doing much, l love sitting out there quietly, and watch them feeding. It's very relaxing.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Keep smiling 😂


  • Thank you for the good advice I needed it, you sound very much like me I do keep quiet busy doing different things and then you get your down day, I do try very hard to not have to many down days, but I had been ill for 3 was with a big flave up and I'm still very wheezing I can't seem to get it right and that does worry me, also about your heart can I ask what's wrong with it, please, I have a few problems with mine which I don't understand at the moment, I do hope you have had a nice Easter, and I hope this weather is not making things difficult for you, take care hugs back x

  • Hi Lyn

    Regarding my heart....Hee Hee...The last thing the consultant said to me was very technical...." Don't get running for any busses !! ".......As if !! 😂

    The bus drivers in my City take great delight in watching you run to the stop and closing the doors just when you get there 😂

    I hope it's not to bad, arteries are furred up and l have Angina, that's confirmed, the first by a radio active perfusion scan...the valves are OK....he is running various other tests on me, and given me several medications to take daily and a spray for under my tongue when the pain is bad.

    My cholesterol levels are fine ...4...but with my problems he wants it down to three or less !!...So as much as l laugh with you all about my cake and chocolate addiction, l try not to have any now....well not as much 😂😂

    It's just another bloody thing to deal with 😂😂😂 Ain't life fun !! 😂

    I have no problem occupying my time, most of the day has gone by the time l have finished taking all my medication 😂😂

    Regarding you not understanding yours, write a list of all your questions you want to know about, and go and see your will put your mind at rest.

    Best wishes, and keep smiling 😂😂😂


  • Hi velvet do you know you sound just like you have your feet on the ground the sort of person I can relate too,it's funny when I look back going to work and all that was so important, but now life it's self is the factor, and I must confess I don't miss one hr of the job, he he, 

    I was diagnosed with c.o.p.d about 6 years ago, my dad had it also and passed away 5 yrs ago, in that time I have moved home out of the city,got myself a the lovely dog and very happy in my new home,yes life has its ups and downs but that's life I think anyway, 

    I do try very hard to understand what's going on but then I get confused With all the different people saying different things too, I don't think I have ever come across two people who think the same of any part of my condition which I find quite laughable,

    I'm also chronic Asthmatic too, I have 3 grownup children which I do think this has been very hard on them, to see there mom change so much because of tablets, and my mum too she has Dementia, it all sounds depressing but really it's not, like I said when the good days are here, they are good, but I am finding it hard going some times, like yesterday I could not sort out my breathing it was terrible, I really did think I was going into hospital last night,I think that's enough of me for now I would like to hear more about you please, till another day take care velvet speak to you soon xxxxx

  • Hi Lyn

    I had two career's during my working life, and loved every minute of them.

    But l love retirement, even with ill health, it's lovely to wake up in the morning knowing l can spend the day, doing what Mr V and l fancy doing, heath allowing.

    When we get to the point of needing a mobility scooters, Mr V and l are going to have matching Harley Davidson typed ones.

    All Chromed up and go faster stripes, we will wear matching Bandana's, and leather bikers jackets and become OAP racers !!

    I hope your breathing has improved today, take care of yourself...and keep smiling through 😂

    Best wishes

    Velvet xx

  • Hi Lyn, I still take pills for depression but I mainly accept my limits now. I enjoy life mostly & I plan for days out & activities I enjoy with my husband & dog. I still find it difficult when I am unwell or if I get more tired than usual. I think what gets me down most is people expecting too much from me. I look ok but some days I am extremely tired & don't function so well. People often don't get it. X

  • Hi Margaret

    How true, and sometimes we expect to much of ourselves.


  • Hi I do agree with all you have said because someone can't see cut or a bump they think your fine and the medication is so high and takes so long to take, I don't know what are we going to do, I do know about the tiredness I could sleep for England ha ha ha.well spring is on its way, do you do a bit of gardening what kind of flowers do you like and why??

    I am trying to sort my garden out making it a lot easier for me but no luck so far, I must nip off now I will speak to you later I promise have a good day today x

  • Hi Lyn I hope you are feeling a bit better now again after Velvet's good advice.  I hope you have family too who help.

    It's awful being ill but much worse when you are on your own like I am.  Fortunately I am able to get out and about but if I wasn't I would see very few people.  I dread becoming too ill in the future and being housebound.  x

  • Hi I know what you mean when we can't get out it horrible, I use a scooter to take my dog out it helps me get about a bit I can walk but I just get so out of breath, so anyone thinking should I try the scooter my advice is go for it if it makes your life easier that's what's important,I hope this reply finds you well I hope you had a nice Easter, I had a quite one but that's fine I have had a bad chest for 3 weeks now and not much improvement, can't seem to clear those flaver ups now, chest is very wheezing I'm not complaining just explaining what's going on with me

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