Immogloblin replacement therapy

Hi I had non infectious TB (Mac) leaving me with Bronchiectasis, Recurrent chest infections and Asthma to which I've had for 20 plus years.  Consultant rang yesterday as my blood levels keep dropping to the stage where I have little protection. Since Dec I have had 12 lots of Antibiotics 4 lots of steroid.  

They are now going to start therapy where I have a transfusion every 3 weeks for 6 months to replace my white cells.  Has anyone else gone through this replacement therapy, if so how does it make you feel.  I know it will take 5-6 hours the first few times then they can increase the flow so this reduces the time to 2 hours, 

Thanks for any replies. I feel as though I'm back in the dark sgain wondering!!! 

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  • Hi Armadillo, I am having this, 5 down 1 to go. It is not painful and no after affects. Unfortunately I have still had infections, 2 hospital stays since the start of it, and still on steroids. We are all different though and it could be it works for you. I sincerely hope so. Take care xx

  • Thank you for your reply. Does it make you feel any different.

  • Sadly not yet, but we will see what the results say when I have my last one next month. Meant to add I think 2hrs for infusion is a bit optimistic! xx

  • I'll let you know😳🙄x

  • My children's father had many transfusion. He always felt much better afterwards and was able to function. 

    The kids, our friends and I gave blood often  to replenish their stocks at the Charing Cross Hospital - don't think they'd accept mine anymore now though 😕

  • Thank you x

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