Help/advice needed re stopping smoking

I really need help to stop smoking please. I had signed up with the New Leaf team and was given patches but unfortunately when I used the patch I came out in an awful rash turns out am allergic to them even though I did tell them I was allergic to all kinds of plasters. I have also been told COPD sufferers can't use the e-cigs because of inhaling the vapours so they are out of the question too and have heard some horror stories about Champix so what's left to try all ideas, success stories welcome !

kind regards

Liz aka Snoopy1968

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  • i stopped by using nicotine lozenges. 

  • Hi

    Several members have used e-cigs to stop smoking.

    I went cold turkey my self.

    But what ever helps you stop is worth a try, sooner the better for your own health.

  • Hi snoopy, I tried most of the different ways even hypnosis  to no evail. It wasn't till I decided if I wanted to live I had to stop and just gritted my teeth and did it after 40 yrs of 30/40 a day (stupid of me) it was hard that was nearly two years ago, I can't get over how much easier my breathing is as I have severe COPD believe me the benefit I got from giving up as now put me back in the moderate/severe and my quality of life has improved so much. I know it won't last but it's so nice to have pushed it back for a while and given myself a little breathing space. 

    I hope you find the strength it will be the best thing you ever did for yourself.

    Peg xxx

  • Hi snoopy a lot of people with COPD have stopped using a ecig l am one of them. I used it and had support from a stop smoking class ran by the NHS. And they didn't mind that I was using it. The ecig is not as harmful as normal cigs because the vapour dose not go into your chest. But there are many other AIDS to help you if you don't want to use the ecig. Everyone is different I hope you find the thing that is right for you. Take care.

  • There is a site for helping and support on giving up smoking if you go to that search lung foundation at the top it will direct you to it. They are very supportive. Good luck

  • my copd nurse is happy with me using ecigs and that's worked for me. no tar in them :)

  • Hi I have never heard that copd sufferers shouldn't use an e-cig.   It is far better than smoking isn't it?  There is a quit site on here.  Just go into my communities at the top,  and type quit and it will come up.  x

  • I have never heard that copd sufferers can't use ecigs either.  Many do and it has helped them to give up.  Anything that works for you...

    Tee x

  • I used nicotine gum to start, but found i was very edgy and needed to do something with my hands. So i turned to ecigs, worked wonders. I have no craving for a cigarette and in fact i can't even stand the smell of them anymore. I did not realise that i stunk like an ashtray when i smoked and i smoked for 47 years.

    You need to quit now to slow the progression of copd.


  • I also used nicotine lozenges, I started on the higher dose and gradually lowered the dose and the amount I used. You can take these upto 9 months (check the info on the leaflet ) so gives you time to prepare mentally as well GOOD LUCK x

  • I meant to mention the ecig too on my last post, please don't go down the ecig route I did and found them more addictive than normal ciggies because they are so convenient I also didn't feel any benefit health wise while using these. Some members have said they felt a little worse when they first gave up the ciggies as I did but I believe it's just while your body gets rid of all the gunk x

  • I guess I was lucky; 40 a day for 40 years then ... none! No shakes, no cough, no feeling awful, nothing (well, until the COPD got diagnosed).

    Such heavy smoking for so long left me thinking that I'd have all sorts of problems but, honestly the only issue was that I felt that I couldn't buy cigs (my wife smoked for another 3 years before stopping).

    I'm convinced that, in my case, I just needed to get my head in the right place, I was fed up of smoking, didn't like the cost, had enough of the cough, bought patches (but never used them), tried hypnosis but never really had any effect, got a "Quit Kit" but thought it was a waste of time and tried E-cigs (which made me physically sick. Even tried to get an appointment with the GP (but they couldn't fit me in!)

    What really surprised me was the lack of any withdrawal symptoms - I'm sure some get them but, in my case, I got none.

    Hope you're as lucky as I was! Everyone tells you that stopping is good for your lungs - don't believe them! That's just a little side issue ... the change to my pocket & wallet was unbelievable!

  • I stopped in stages as I couldn't manage cold turkey.  First I didn't smoke until after midday.  Then when I got used to that I didn't smoke until 6pm and the evening news. Then after a few months of that I set my stopping date of 1st August 1985, and became a non-smoker on that date.  During the process I identified the times I liked a smoke, and planned how to cope with these.  For instance, my favourite cig was with a mug of coffee after my evening meal.  So I changed my behaviour, started drinking tea instead of coffee, and got up to do the washing up after the meal instead of sitting with a cuppa.  The stages of giving up gave me practice in saying no to cigs, and reduced the amount of nicotine I was getting, so the final stage of stopping completely wasn't so hard.

  • Never heard of anyone doing that! Seems like a great idea but, thankfully, I won't be trying it!

  • I sorta quit this way as well....Only I laid out 2 cigs and decided when I would have a puff or 2....Wish me luck! I haven't had a cig now for 7 whole days! No cravings so far.....

  • Champix worked for me and I had no side effetcs

  • Champix is fine - after some scare stories about it a few years back some really big studies were done and it was confirmed that they are just as safe as other quit methods. I used Champix and it worked well for me. I had tried to quit a number of times over the years using patches but I always caved in. I don't think I could have quit with E cigs - I would simply get hooked on them and I didn't want to go down that road. With Champix I simply lost the addiction - lost the desire to even have a cigarette - weird but good :)

  • hi Liz I used champix 11 years ago I took them at night so any side effects happened when I was asleep.

    I took the tablets for 8 days and got the feeling I didn't want to smoke by 11 days I smoked my last cigarette. You continue to take the champix at a lower dose for several weeks this is where people make a mistake by stopping the champix.

    I can recommend champix its worth giving it a go I'm pleased I did think I would be on oxygen and in a wheel chair now.

    you will get loads of support on hear good luck take care

  • I did it with Airwaves chewing gum.  Found the strong taste really helped.

  • its hard, you really have to want to stop  and use a great deal of will power: i used those little imp liquorice sweets , they helped , so stick at it 

  • I have just seen smoking nurse and doctor and have been told I can use zyban which I can pick up next week was going to start today but daughter got took into hospital last night and I have 3 grandchildren and know they are going to drive me crazy 

  • Hello Jeanjt,

    Wait until you think you can get a clear run to decide on a stop date.  I do hope your Daughter is well again very soon, and believe me your grandchildren will love you for giving up.

    Just to encourage you - I used Zyban as recommended by the Practice Nurse.  I smoked for 50 years, up to 40 a day.  Zyban enabled me to stop - I followed instructions to the letter.  It was painless and I have never wanted a cigarette since final no smoking day.  I hope it works exactly the same for you. Let us know how you get on won't you, and if you feel in need of a bit of encouragement, speak to me:-)



  • Thankyou I will try to give up when things settle my daughter has severe tonsillitis so on drip at mo they may let her out later as she says she feels better with all the meds they have been giving her so hopefully things looking ok at mo 

  • Everything crossed for you and your Daughter. 


  • I used the ecigs and its the only thing that helped me 

  • Hi I stopped smoking with e cig no adverse effect on copd and was able to stop on day of diagnosis. Good luck

  • I started by cutting down to no more than one cigarette per hour then I went to the no smoking nurse at the doctors. I went on patches but other options are available. After 35years my 25 to 30 a day were over. In the end it was getting my head round to help my breathing and I have never looked back. Did have some problems for the first few months but that was merely 6 years ago. Best of luck in quitting Joyce

  • Have COPD and asthma and quit 6+ years ago  after 60+ years of smoking. Tried all the usual gums, patches evenn hypnosis to no avail; got an e-cig and quit the same day and it was totally painless. Am amazed you've been told the vapour will harm your lungs - well, no not really, GPs have a very limited knowledge of e-cigs. A wise professor wrote "We smoke for the nicotine and die from the tar" - no smoke or tar in an e-cig and my health has improved vastly, meds cut by around 80%. Just hope you can stop the ciggies, use whatever method suits you best but please pack them in.

  • Hi snoopy i gave up 3 years ago using e-cig have never felt as good as i do now would recommend them i also have severe copd

  • Love yourself and do it for you!

    Believe in yourself and your ability to find within yourself the will power to stop.

    Live in the present and know you are doing the very best for you by not smoking and poisoning yourself because YOU are your own best friend and you want to live with the best health possible.

    Get support and help, there will be information and probably a nurse that is proactive in helping people stop.

    Don't think of it as giving up something as giving up is like sacrificing something that is precious to you.Nothing is more precious than life itself and you will be adding years on to yours hopefully! Good luck and enjoy watching those 💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷 add up!

    huff xxx😁

  • I smoked three packs a day and sometimes more, I never coughed, I was never out of breath. I use to swim a Olympic swimming pool for sixty laps, then get out and smoke a cigarette. Do yourself a favor. STOP NOW. the best way to do it is cold turkey, after three days it gets a little easier, take it one day at a time. I spent two weeks in the hospital hooked up to a oxygen machine. Walked out and stopped that day. Its been seven years and I could smoke tomorrow , but the thought only lasts for a second. When you first stop it might last for ten minutes, but the longer your off of them the easer it gets. Good luck, just know that you can do it.

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