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A brief history of my COPD journey !

A brief history of my COPD journey !

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who replied to my Hello i'm new post yesterday I thought my phone was going to explode with all the notifications !!!!! I'm so glad to have finally find a community that is so welcoming and kind :) So without further ado let me introduce myself ! I was diagnosed with COPD in February 2011 not long after my 43rd birthday great birthday present NOT !!!! My GP had been bandiening the word COPD on previous occasions and I never thought anything of it as I was already asthmatic and on a brown inahler and a blue one. Anyway he had ordered a Spirometry test and came to the conclusion I had mild COPD can't remember what the FEV1 was but I think it was pretty high and gave me a very large manual with loads of info in it and basically told me to read it when I had the chance ppffttt !!! he put me on a 4 hourly inhaler, took my brown inhaler off me and was given a blue inhaler Salbutamol CFC free easy breathe inhaler which I still use now. I haven't had anymore Spirometry tests done since (someone on a previous forum said you should have them every year ? ) I do have regular asthma checks  and these still give out FEV1 readings and according to my asthma nurse are still high think they have dropped to 75 from around 79 and my oxygen sats are usually around the 97-98 mark. I have moved from a 4 hourly inhaler to an 8 hourly inhaler and have been on Spiriva since last February which I think is 12 hourly. I have never been referred to anywhere else like a pulmonary nurse or rehab centre and was surprised when someone said I should of been !!! On my last but one visit to my asthma appointment I queried the COPD diagnosis as I had had a very lengthy discussion about bronchial asthma as a diagnosis and was due to have another Spirometry test last month but on the day of the test I had a chest infection so was on Prednisolene and antibiotics so have to wait 6 weeks for them to get out my system. So that my dear friends is you all up to date !!!! 

Kind regards to you all

Liz aka Snoopy1968

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Hi Liz

That FEV1 results sounds quite good but I'm no expert, the others will know better than me. I was diagnosed last month and mine was 52 so 75 doesn't sound too bad. I'm having my next test in May along with my pneumonia jab I suppose to compare but I'm lucky as my gp has a respiratory nurse and clinic and she seems quite switched on, and available  even if I just need to talk to her. I've not been referred to a rehab but my nurse says that I'm doing everything I should be so don't need it at the moment.

I'm sure someone more intelligent will be on soon and have more info. Take care. Shelagh xx


Hi I agree those reading are very good.  Mine are about the same.   I am on symbicort,  blue ventolin (reliever)  and Spiriva.  The latter is a long acting bronchilator and should only be used once a day.  x


Hi snoopy1968 sounds similar to my journey different ages when diagnosed I've always had asthma and then broncli asthma they told me I had copd and emps in 2012 Ive had the Spiro test and seen consultant and exray and the other u have to lie in I've only had to Spiro check ups they were 18months apart they deem to think I'm doing OK I know I'm worse they've recommend me for pumolary rehab which I'm still waiting for and in the meantime I've got my rescue pack which I seem to be using more frequently I've only ever had one sputum test even though I'm chocking on it most days so snoopy1968 I think we've all got similar stories seems their saying just get on with it sad bit true keep fighting though I do take care x

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Seems like you are getting to grips with your condition. Pulmonary Rehab is very useful and good fun and I thought all GP practices offered it. My Practice Nurse said even though I had been on one in 2010 I could still go on another which finishes today. Speak to your Practice Nurse. Best wishes


Hi and welcome, the results are good, should really have a chest x-ray or CT scan to fully investigate any form of emphysema. If you smoke stop now. Take care .



Thank you for your update, it sounds fairly good and you sound positive which is half the battle!😁 I'm glad Bev ( coughalot 2 ) corrected you on the Spiriva, I take mine in the morning along with Serevent 500 which I'm supposed to take again before bed but don't.

The lovely doctor I saw said he thought I could have asthma as well but I said no thanks I have enough with the emphs lol! 😂 

Have a super day Snoopy! huff xxx


I was diagnosed in 2010 and have seen the gp Copd nurse since then who sees me every six months.  The doctor also put me down for clinical Copd trials at the London heart hospital which has been a great learning adventure and i was able to ask for certain things from the nurse.  I do remember seeing GP once who said this is as good as it gets - not my usual gp but wasn't particularly nice way to put it. Only through this website have i learned more about rescue packs and spiriva which i asked for.  

I think there are other places where we can learn to breath through our belly and breathe better to cough (i can't cough)

Anyway good to hear you snoopy dog


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