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Over the past year or so I have got up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet 4or5 times for a wee I have seen the doc but got no we're old age I have tryed not having a drink after 9 but it does not work I try not to drink to much in the day but my kidneys play up I also get up with a right dry mouth inthe night because I breath through my mouth on top of every thing  I must be one one of the walking dead but thing must get better one day   A note I had my last cig over a year now  BE good and take care ED 

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IT is best not to drink anything after 6pm. Change to decaf tea and coffee (Yorkshire decaf tea and Kenco decaf coffee are probably the best tasting). See if this helps. Make sure to drink a lot of water during the day - up to two litres and not much tea and coffee (my husband's consultant says no more than five mugs a day) this helps my husband a little bit but he has an enlarged prostate so he still gets up about 4/5 times a night. I would ask your Doc again if nothing helps over the next couple of weeks.


Two things. I see from you're profile that you're male, did you know that peeing issues during the night need investigating. Ask for a PSA count to rule out (or in prostate problem). All men over a certain age are entitled to one so please do, it's very very important. The prostate naturally enlarges with age putting pressure on the urethra so the bladder doesn't always empty completely. I believe 5 times a night is excessive

Secondly, as we get older most of our internal organs rest during the night giving our kidneys a chance to work overtime.

Please seek out a simple PSA test ASAP.


I agree totally with peege.  Your doctor dismissing this as 'old age' is unacceptable.  Also trying no to drink through the  day can risk dehydration.


i had this problem: prostate checked out ok ,turns out it was an overactive bladder ,doc put me on oxybutyin hydrochloride tablets , now every thing  back to how it was.

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