Where did that come from?

Does this happen to everyone? Sat at the 'puter minding my own business, house is empty (expect for dogs & cat), got a few days holiday, wife's at work, listening to guitar music on Youtube, just chilling and suddenly SLAP!

Right round the back of the head comes Mr Depression! No reason, no explanation just suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of down, depressed, could cry.


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  • Sorry - forget that, just a bad moment. Got a coffee and I'm fine. I'll go and get busy for a bit.


  • Oh! great, but did I waste a hug? Sue

  • No need for that.You'll be fine now. See what lovely people there are on here.


  • Hi

    Not depression with more anxiety, just the thought can bring it on.

    I call it the fear of the fear.

    And when the event comes along " normal" no problem, absolute pain.

  • Yes to the sudden down. Yes to the 'why did I say that?'

    Tee 😶

  • Oh no, y _not. Perhaps the answers in your name, but, on the other hand why?

    Mr Depression here does tend to sneak in when things are quietly ok, nothing gone wrong and there he is.

    I think it's part of the package. Move over, let him sit there a bit. He'll get bored with the guitar music and saunter off to make someone else miserable. I can't ever make him go but he always does and I hang on to the fact that I also get feelings of being content - me? - and happy.

    Strange business this, isn't it, y_not? Am really sorry. Have a hug.

    Sue x

  • Stop! I do believe it is part and parcel of what ails us physically. It hovers about like a black fog, shape shifting, just waiting in the wings until it knows we are relaxed, happy and having a few moments of pleasure. Start singing really loud - that should see it off the premises. You have made a good move,writing in here. If a weep makes you feel better - do it, but better still, go out in the garden with your dogs, and see how doing that one little thing makes them sohappy, and now kick that black thing into kingdom come.



  • It happens without rhyme or reason. Deep breaths y_not and hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

    Just had a little tiny weep as grandson all fine aftet tonsillectomy. Phew! I am a silly old softy, well, not that old maybe.

    Xxx 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • That's really good news, sassy. Speedy recovery to him...

    Tee x

  • Bless you Tee thanks for your kind wishes. Xxx 

  • Not at all -Grandchildren are just the most so precious little darlings, and we all  know and understood how you were anxious.  Ice cream and jelly all round then or am I dreaming that someone told me they give victims toast nowadays? His health will improve leaps and bounds too.  

    I had tonsils and adenoids done when I was three, remember every minute of the experience it but we just had Bovril - I don't remember eating anything and I am sure ice cream had not been invented then....heh heh.  I did run out of the hospital on my little fat legs because I thought I saw my Mum coming for me and could hear the Matron shouting "Stop that child" then I was taken back in chains and someone read my Uncle Remus book to me.

  • Bless you Jennifer, all went well and yes it is toast, crisps etc now. 

    You have a very good memory but some things we just don't forget.

    I am sure all will be ok in time. Take care Xxx 

  • Best ice cream I ever had just after my tonsillectomy.👍🏿

  • You must be so much younger than me! I still love Bovril.

  • I,m just a baby,I was sixty on paddies day lol.Free prescriptions now woohoo.Never liked bovril,too salty.D.

  • Terrible indictment on our society when you have to look forward to coming of age! heh heh.....Hope you had a smashing day. I was working before you were even a twinkle.

    ..........er I was reared on Marmite too.....


  • Yes I get that too. Everything is fine in my little world then suddenly the black dog rears it's ugly head and argggghhhh. It goes away again as you found thank goodness. x

  • Sorry, people. Thanks for the comments. 

    Oh Lord, help me to engage brain before attacking keyboard! 

    I'm fine and she-who-must-be-obeyed expects new CCTV fitted by the time she gets home (won't happen but ...) well, at least I'm busy!

    Comments were appreciated - thanks again

  • I expect we all have experienced similar,I just accept it for what it is.It is hard work being ill and it catches up with us but we get over it and carry on.Good luck.D.

  • know the feeling comes in waves no warning no logic just a sudden drowning but it does pass xxx

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