Hello New here !

Hello everyone just signed up tonight ! I was previously part of a COPD support group but the vast majority of members were based in the USA so their treatments weren't very helpful so am hoping these forums are UK based. I will start from the beginning but try not to bore you all ! I am 48 years old and live in Nottingham. I was first diagnosed with Asthma in 2001 and then 10 years later diagnosed with COPD. I have always had a bad cough ever since I can remember I first had bronchitis at the age of 5 and suffered every winter as a result since then but nothing was ever done or diagnosed til 2001 Asthma at the grand age of 33 and COPD at age of 43.

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  • Hi Snoopy1968 welcome to the Community. You would probably be better writing about yourself in your profile.

    I hope you find BLF more friendly and fun.

    Regards Rib

  • Hi Snoopy 1968 welcome to the community. Nan

  • Hi and welcome!

    I'm pretty new to the COPD thing but have found everyone on here to be very supportive and helpful. I know we have members from the USA and elsewhere but I think mainly from UK.

    I too have always seemed to have bronchitis then it was asthma now it's COPD and mild asthma so maybe there's a pattern there :)

    Pull up a chair, make yourself at home and enjoy the ride. :)

  • If you have a patten I bet my wife can knit it. Rib

  • lol!

  • ROFL....................

  • Thank you :)

  • Hi

    Welcom to the forum, yes we are UK based.

    Post away any question will be answered by one of the members.

  • "Post away any question will be answered by one of the members" - can someone tell me the winning lottery numbers for tonight, please ;-))

    (only kidding)

  • Sure I'll get those to you in the morning as I am busy right now. :-)

  • Thank you :)

  • Hi Snoopy, welcome to health unlocked. I think we do try to help each other in many ways. I hope you will feel supported. Take Care Margaret

  • Thank you Margaret :)

  • Hi Snoopy and welcome to the forum. Love your name xx

  • Thank you real name is Liz but I love Snoopy :)

  • Hi Snoopy nice to meet you. Yep the site is UK based and most of are from the UK. We do let a few 'furriners' in from time to time :) But they have to behave ;) x

  • I like that ;) thank you 

  • :)  ;)  x

  • Oh the smilies aren't working either.  x

  • We have the mad cat lady from USA - Ruby, A couple of Aussies who keep saying 'cobber' and 'mate' even a KIWI. :) x

  • Hi don't forget sailer from Thailand, who I guess is paddling in a warm shallow turquoise sea with his wife and kids, eating tropical fruit ...not that I am jealous

    And South African members too, and even me a Welsh exile

    Have a good day, coughalot

  • I am envious of sailer - I cannot kid myself!...but only for a holiday and to pinch stuff out of his garden :-D

  • Oh yeah I had forgotten that. x

  • Bev......imagine his face when he finds out we have helped ourselves to his coconuts ....and left him a thankyou note

     :-D :-D

  • Hello Snoopy. It's nice to meet you, though a pity you need to be here. Look forward to some chats.


  • Hiya Sue, I don't mind thanks for saying Hello !!!!!!!

  • I I'm new too just signed up today. Trying to find my way around the site.

  • welcome Damon1864, hope you soon find your way round the site and we see more of you.

  • Welcome snoopy and damon1864 you've picked the rite site the people on here are awesome its comforting to know they know what your going through but stay positive their all brilliant role models thanks everyone I know I don't join as much but I read all your advice and banter love it bora da xxx

  • Hi Damon & welcome.

    Think they try and keep the site fairly simple ... to meet my requirements ;-))

    Enjoy the people - they are really nice!

  • Very warm welcome to you too Damon. Everyone very helpful and knowledgable here.


  • Hi Damon 1864. Interesting number is that your DOB. Welcome to our lovely community. Very nifty the way you nipped in there with snoppy

  • Hiya Damon pleased to meet ya !

  • Hello Snoopy and welcome

    You have found the best Forum for lung disease going.

    Sounds like my route to COPD diagnosis, only mine was a few years later in life than yours.

    Lots of help, advice, support, and a few laughs on here.

    Just fire away 24/7 someone will be about...l swear some of them are nocturnal, either that or they are up to something dodgy !! ...there are some shady characters on here 😂😂😂

    Velvet xx

  • Ha ha it takes 1 to know 1 Velvet ;) x

  • Hiya Velvet, they sound like my kinda people ! i have a weird sense of humour verging on the sarcastic thats my coping mechanism !!!!!!

  • Hi Snoopy

    A weird sense of humour !!  You should feel at home here 😂😂


  • Oy !

  • 😂😂


  • Welcome Snoopy, you have found a very welcoming, supportive community. It is UK based but with people from the USA and elsewhere.

    Take care Xxx

  • thank you :)

  • Welcome to the site Snoopy

    I'm Ruby, from the USA. I've been a member on this site for a yr. and a half now. Some of the treatments for copd are different in the UK. I figure wherever you live ,lung disease is the same. Why shouldn't I learn from the best? What a wonderful bunch of people on here. I just love them! 😊 I've learned so much, and enjoy the site very much. I'm sure you will too!

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Ah the mad cat lady strikes again :) Nice to see you chuck how the hell are you? x

  • "lung disease is the same everywhere"?? Ahem, don't think so! Here in the UK I'm sure we have a better class of lung disease! ;-))

  • It's the rain wot dus it.....................

    :-D :-D

  • Hiya Ruby, pleased to meet ya :)

  • Hi Snoopy, welcome to the site, we are a UK forum , but have friends from other countries too. Hope you find this site better for you, ask away if you have questions I am sure someone will have the answers or if not advise you where to resolve the issue. Looking forward to hearing more from you .

  • Thanks Katie :)

  • A warm welcome from me too.

    I too had undiagnosed asthma as a child. It took a down turn in my 50's so finally diagnosed. Damaged lungs from years of infections & pneumonias. A non smoker who's lived in polluted London most of life.

    At least you've got a diagnosis to deal with, you're young so with quitting smoking - if you do, learning loads here about how to change your life you can have a really good life. All the best. P

  • Welcome to the group it's certainly helped me more than my GP has 😎

  • Hiya peppa, my GP is rubbish !

  • Hi Snoopy,

    Welcome to the site! So you are just along the road from the UK's best research centre! Nottingham City Hospital have a great research centre and, for anyone able to assist, they often are looking for candidates for COPD research details at nrru.org/

  • Hiya, Wow thats great to know see am learning stuff already thanks for that :)

  • Pleased to meet you Snoopy - love your name - one to remember I think :-)

    I don 't think that you could ever ask for help and advice here without receiving it.


  • Hiya jennifer thanks for the kind welcome :)

  • Hello Snoopy

    Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum

    Tee x

  • thank you :)

  • Hi there, welcome to the gang..... Sorry group.

    They are a great lot , lots of fun and lots of help.


  • Thank you Jo :)

  • Welcome Snoopy

  • Thank you :)

  • Welcome Snoopy1968, you'll get a lot of answers here.



  • Thank you :)

  • Hello! And welcome.

  • thank you :)

  • Welcome I don't post very often but check in when I get the chance

  • Hello and welcome am Ennyl welcome to our wonderful world of friendship support and comfort x

  • hi I think I will really enjoy being on this site,everyone sounds great. I am on another too,but it seems on this site there are a lot more people from the UK. Although I do love being on the other site too.😊 xxx

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