Help! please!

What am I doing wrong here? I know I'm not good...well I'm useless on t'intenetter thingy, but as well as posting a huge Big Sister photograph of myself, which I didn't intend to do, I'm also busily sending posts that don't seem to appear anywhere, I presume they're flying around in the ether somewhere. This probably will end up there too, so if there's any passing space travellers, do drop in for a cup of tea? coffee? or a pint of wine or beer!

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This post as arrived.

You have clearly completed correctly.

In you lost post did you give a title, then continue in the text box below?

I found out it won't post if it dose not have a title


That's correct unless both parts are used it will not post.

thank you stone...

I will try and remember....

I Must Put A Title

I Must Put A

I Must Put

I Must

It is also a good idea to click community to lock your post, so only members of the forum can read it. Otherwise, the world and his wife will see it.

Thanks for the advice Azure - I will try and remember to do that in future :-)

Well as stone has said it dosnt matter if the post is locked or not you just have to join too see the replies so the everyone or community is pointless

It matters if you don't want your post flying around the world on the internet. Some of us prefer a little bit of privacy. If people take the trouble to join, one hopes they will have an interest in COPD.

I agree with you we all like our privacy. But part of the post is shown and all you have to do is join to see the whole post. And not evry one who join these sites have an interest in COPD. There are a lot of nosie and sick people in this world. Just because you lock your post doesn't mean it is safe take care x

Better than having your posts accessible all over the internet, in my opinion.

Oh bugga azure_sky I'm do doing it wrong gonna my daughter to sit dwn with me and show me I'm a rite plonker lol x

Hi azure_sky, how do you lock your post?

Just above submit you will see a place to click Community. That will lock your post.

Thankyou x

Haha, you just made me laugh out loud, don't do that very often now. Thanks pollyparrot.x you sound so like me its untrue. We'll get there in the end. I'm such a dinosaur when it comes to tinternet etc. Good luck x

A glass of wine sounds good but a pint, well maybe a glass. Need a clear head for our space travels. X

Hi Margaret,

I can finish the rest off for you !! 😂


Well done Polly! We have received your post. I too am a bit useless on the internet, but congratulate myself on having got as far as I have. I certainly can't do clever things like photos, music etc. Keep trying. Practice does make perfect - well up to a point!

Good luck


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