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Travel insurance with Copd

Have been turned down for renewal of travel insurance as I have had two courses of antibiotics in the last year any advise on a friendly company

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From a Google search - not tried them but looks okay


My late husband who passed away last August was diagnosed four years previously with Idiopathic Pulmonary Haemosiderosis. As our son & his family live in America we thought that would be an end to our visits. The Consultant told us the problem would not be the actual flying but that the cost of Insurance would be prohibitive. Most companies had not even heard of the condition & the ones that were prepared to offer cover wanted as much, if not more than the cost of the flights. However, I finally found Avanti & they were brilliant- gave us a very good policy price & customer service - on a scale of 1-10, I would give them 20 !!!!! I always dealt with a lady called Angela but not sure if she is still working there. Good luck & enjoy your holiday.



Is a comparison site. Save each condition before adding the next... or you'll just get the last one covered.

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They gave me the cheapest quote but still could not afford it and go on holiday :(

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£22 it found for me (& OH). However that was the company I last travelled to France with from UK... and it was only £27 anyway previously found through moneysupermarket (think). But I also had quotes as high as £500+ for the same destination, same afflictions, same dates.

If it's a holiday you're planning... and it was going to be the USA, then you'll find cheaper insurance for Europe.. so if you can be flexible.. you can still get a holiday. I know that it won't help if it's your daughter's wedding in Las Vegas...


my cheapest was £800 plus £750 excess and £750 per treatment

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Hi if you type travel insurance in the search box on the top right all the previous posts and replies will come up. x

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Try googling 'paying too much ' just had a quote from them at a very reasonable rate & I have had more courses of antibiotics than yourself - good luck


Hi Adam49, this is quite a regular thing for those of us who have health issues, it will cost you extra if you have been ill in the past six months or your treatment has changed. But there are companies who will insure at a price. Try the comparison site mentioned below they have lots of companies with varied prices. Good luck and enjoy your holiday.

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Try bureau insurance they specialise in insurance for people property that others won't insure, 01424220110

Saga were the cheapest for me but I wanted an annual insurance. I told them I had bronchiectasls and they came back with a reasonable quote.

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I have got my insurance from Insure and Go. I have bronchiectasis. My insurance I £135. I am quite happy.

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Try ALLCLEAR who are the only ones that did not decline--I have severe COPD and Emphysema and had a mild stroke and Intensive Care at Xmas--even Saga declined as did Staysure. Try Allclear and best of luck.

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Hi Adam, try Able2travel. Maximonkey

A friend of mine who has a rally bad heart got cover with Voyager. They were very good with her as she was poorly abroad over Christmas and their service was brilliant.

Because we travel so much as our grandchildren live in the USA and brother and sister in law live in South Africa we have yearly travel insurance through our bank. Generally that works out cheaper than buying insurance every time we go away as both of us have medical conditions that make the insurance companies smile and hike up the bill.

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Thank you free fallen I was with my bank but because I required 2courses of antibiotics since last April they declined to renew even with a raised premium

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They have never asked me about taking antibiotics but I do tell them that my GP always gives me a course of antibiotics and steroids to take with me. I am amazed at this. What bank are you with?

For information and in case of misunderstanding: Packaged travel insurance with your bank will NOT cover you for pre-existing medical conditions.

my wife and I are using explorer travel but heard youpaytomuch.com are cheaper give both a try 

I paid £135 with Insure and Go. I have bronchiectasis. I am quite happy with that as other companies refuse to insure me.

I hope you get fixed up and have a 

Lovely holiday

Comparison sites are not always the cheapest. Try Aviva

I always use saga for my insurance they cover every health problem , 

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