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The LORD and the motorist

The LORD and the motorist

A man is running late for a very important meeting in Melbourne. He cannot find a car park anywhere and in desperation he calls on the LORD to help him and says "If you find me a car park I will go to Mass every Sunday for the next year".

Immediately a car exits and there is his spot.

In a flash he says "Forget about it LORD I found one."

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Wonderful watercolour 😄 Did you paint it?

Tee x


You obviously do not know me Tee , you should see me with a paint brush!!

I keep looking at the fire cracker wondering what will happen when it goes off.


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G'day Matey

Hee hee, ....Love the picture,



G'day Velvet,

it certainly is an explosive scene. Takes me back to when I was 7.

Our gang collected beer bottles all year,taking them to the bottleo every week.

We amassed eight guineas (avg weekly wage in 1948 was $2.10 shillings)

Spent the lot on fireworks, let everyone know that on Guy Fawkes night we would put on an amazing show, which we did, dramatically.

A kid rode past our stash and threw a penny bunger, yes , right into one of the bags containing the crackers.

The show was over in about 2 minutes followed by putting out the fire to the front porch,washing down of the brick front of the house and repainting it later.

Every time I see this scene it takes me back to 1947.

And I can now laugh about it!!

Nighty night Mate



G,day Will

You sound as if you were lucky not to have burnt the house down !

I bet you had your backside slapped for that little lark 😂

G'day mate

Pome Velvet xx

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Did you catch up with the kid and give him a clip round the ear, or worse?


No  In all the excitement we never gave it a thought, first panic as they exploded, then flight to get away in case there was one almighty bang then watched in awe as all the varying colours emitted from the bags then look for a hose so I guess he made a quick get a way.

A memorable night for all concerned.



No Velvet

Never ever had my bum smacked always with a leather belt .They knew how to apply discipline in those days, (maybe the people in authority need to look at it now)

One of the rare times my backside was not sore,my dad was furious,not because of the damage, you see this happened at a friends home,thank GOD, our place was built with timber and weatherboards.He was mad that we wasted 8 guineas and it took some time for him to believe how we earned that much money.

I am sure you remember how tight things were after the war.

Where is Jennifer, some are suggesting she has disappeared into that black hole.?

It is 7.30am here now but I guess it is night time over there?

Time to get the good wife her cup of tea in bed.

Stay happy Mate

Your friend from down under



very good thank you xx


You are most welcome Undine

Thank you for replying

GOD Bless



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