bronchi is kicking my ass

hello lovely people, tis I, the lord of the Isles, your very own Braveheart. You may be seated ;) I do find my "humour" and fertile imagination helps keep me sane (no comments please haha) on a more serious note, I had a great day yesterday and got lots done around the house and garden, forgot my woes big time, but today? omg it has bitten my bum. I am just exhausted and sore inside, despite wearing a mask whilst using the grinder my lungs feel like somebody used them as a football. I must learn to do things in moderation, but when you are used to charging about 12 hours per day it is not easy changing habits of a lifetime............... had planned taking my motorbike out today but just couldn't be bothered, and that is a statement I never thought I'd make! What a learning curve this is turning out to be! Must be day 8 or 9 of my 250mg Azomithrycin and no nasty side effects thank god, hopefully it is doing some good in there, not so much phlegm past couple of days, though a wheeze is never far away, having asthma as well does not help matters. Well that's my moan over for today :) caio for now, Davidx

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Well done David you sound very positive! I must admit to doing the same as I was always someone who charged around at the speed of light, running here and there and living life at a fast pace. I remind myself I can't do it now but to tend to overdo it anyway then suffer next day. It's sure not easy is it? x

Isn't that always the way daveymac. Everyone says pace yourself but when you get one of those infrequent better than crap days I think we all tend to overdo it and carry on 'till we're knacked. Thing is I reckon we don't know when we may feel like that again.

The Azithramycin should help reduce the inflammation which should help with the asthma. Wish I could take them. They helped my bronch and asthma so much but I couldn't tolerate them.

Hope you feel better soon.

love cx

Hi David, it is hard having to learn to pace yourself but that is what you must do. I remember Pete being like you, wanting to get on with doing things and then finding the next day was pay back time.

You take care and look after yourself. xxxxx

Tell me about it. Hope you soon feel better David. We are all tempted to do too much on our good days!

Good luck!

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