hi ,my post and replys to them i got via the gmail,only way i could do it .......but i think am on proper web site now..............

my name is Freddy male 62 copd and others (But still smileing)

so busy time for me coming up......on the last(i hope) days of a to it in time makes a big big have to fill in all paper work.....have to move home(can,t make the stairs anymore) much is changing so fast its hard to keep up by day....i hope to meet up with some of you for a coffee some time...i like face to face better....dont know if we all right to post our location????........look forward to hearing from you .......will try to answer all......all the best freddy

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  • Hey Freddy, welcome, and yes, you're on the proper web site :-)

    A rough location can be given as part of your profile but it's usually advised not to give your address, or even town, on here as not everyone is 'nice' and some people have had problems. I'll not go into great detail but don't have nightmares either.

    Have a look on the main BLF website for your nearest Breathe Easy group, that's a great way to meet others ;-)

  • Hi Gordon, long time since you've been around here. I remember you very well because of your excellent advice and information sharing. How are you?

  • I'll not hi-jack this thread, I was writing a nice long 'catch up' post. I'd spent about 2 hours on it, then it went Pffft - the screen just blanked out and I lost it... :-(

    I will re-do it later ;-)

  • Look forward to reading your post later. How maddening to lose your two hours of work.

  • Don't post any info in the Community that identifies you or your address. There is a facility on the front page that allows for the posting of Private Messages. These cannot be read by any but the addressee.

    Also please Lock your posts by ticking the For the Community. .. not for Everyone.

    Regards, Rib

  • thank you so much........can anyone see this or just u?.....not sure how this all works am reading this in my gmail....will tick the box for comm only...any more help is more then wecome.......freddy

  • As you posted with a tick in Post To everybody, that is who can see it. Everyone on the whole Internet world wide forever. This is the importance of staying in your Web browser. At the end of your Gmail post it has SEE REPLY. Click it and it should take you back to your browser.


  • Welcome!

  • Hello Freddy, welcome. Hope you get over that flare up any minute now.

    Keep smiling when you can - we all have our moments at times!


  • thanks sue (dont know if just u gets this all all)will click the comm button

  • Until you create a new Post then everything in the replies in this post are all visible to EVERYONE.

    You must create new posts that you set as Post to Community only. It will then appear with a padlock beside the Title that you have given it.


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