Sick of medication

I take 20 tablets per day and an additional one Alendronic Acid on a Sunday. Now my question is can the body continue indefinitely to take all this medication. I never have an annual medicines review with my doctors so should I stop some and see what the outcome is. When I go to my local surgery I end up coming out with a further prescription so it's a never ending problem. Doctor's and consultants seem very reluctant to stop any of my medication. Words of wisdom required please.

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  • I always have a yearly medication review I would speak to your GP

  • I have an appointment am tomorrow with my GP so I will discuss with him but they seem reluctant to advise against medication which has been prescribed by other doctors or consultants.

  • I agree with Nottobad, unless you have a sudden bad reaction it is seldom wise to stop taking a medication without clinical advise.

    I don't know how many years you have been taking 20 per day but it is not so rare as you may think. My wife has been eating 24+ daily since infant school. I am swallowing 35+ daily increasing to 42+ when I get an infection.

    It just all depends upon how many different chronic health issues one can aquire 😆 I hope this post helps and that along with your chat with your GP can get things back into perspective. After all, no one wants to be taking meds that their body doesn't need but we do want those that are helping keeping us alive and improving our quality of life.

    Regards, Rib

  • Totally agree with all replies so far..and it is especially important that you don't just stop taking any, of your medication, this will cause your body to suffer shock too, it's dangerous. Nobody should mess with medication!!!!

    You need to seek professional advice from your GP, make a double appointment to solely discuss your medication. That way you can go through your meds without rushing..

    Hope your soon getting this looked in to.

    Lynne 🌹

  • Pete takes over 20 tablets a day plus his nebulised medication and seldom has a review. He has stopped one bp drug on advice of GP but not otherwise.

    Book an appointment with GP solely for a meds review. I agree that doctors are reluctant to remove meds that a consultant has prescribed but worth a chat anyway.

    Good luck to you. Xxx

  • I do understand where you're coming from DVD. No matter how many contra indications or side effects, invariably the first drug stays but is joined by two or three more to sort the side effects. It does seem an endless cycle but ask yourself would you be alive without these drugs ? If the answer is no, then you'll just have to grin and bear it.

    On a rare week free from oral antibiotics, I can drop to as low as 8 tablets but when the two, twice daily of abs combinations start , eg., Augmentin x4 daily + Klacid x4 daily, then for the next 14 days that's an extra 56 tablets a week. Then of course there's the steroids, the Vit D etc etc. And that's before we even think about the three inhalers plus nebulised Ventolin and Colomycin. It amazes me that our stomachs can handle this ( with the help of other drugs of course) not to mention our livers and kidneys. But we're all here as living proof :)

  • The most helpful person to advise here is a pharmacist. They are way more aware then most doctors of the precautions that should be taken and instances where prescribed drugs are clearly contra-indicated as not being suitable to be taken with certain other drugs.

  • The pharmacy I use (inside Tesco) ask if you want a review periodically. If they think there should be a change they tell you to speak to your doctor about it. To be honest your repeat prescriptions are signed by a doctor and if they though something was out of place wouldn't they phone you?

  • Think it's all been said! Ask for a review of your medicines, but don't please try to cut any out yourself because that would be a lottery and you could make yourself really ill. Your body can take that amount, and more, and there's a reason why all your doctors don't want to stop them. There prepared to spend the money because they want to keep you as well as they can.

    Good luck and keep swallowing!! x

  • Thanks all for your kind comments. I'm afraid That I was getting a bit down with all the medication that I have been taking for about 8 years. I shall discuss again with my doctor. Thank you.

  • I asked my doctor to go through my meds with me and we discussed what could be discontinued! I hadn't made appt to discuss my meds just he was actually giving me more so I took opportunity and asked him could we go thru my repeats prescriptions and he was happy enough to do that and I felt better as I tend to think once a med is put on repeat it kinda just gets forgotten about and bit like spring cleaning to me get rid of what you don't actually need as they cost so

    Muvh and a waste, mind you a month later I ended up at cardiologist who them out me on three new meds got new illness ha! So am back to square one same amount just different meds ha! All I can honestly say is my revues had never really gone thru my repeat meds so I took lead and thought they shud be discussed, obviously you feel same so I would ask doctor hope my bleating on has helped if not sent you to sleep ha! Xx

  • The NHS is committed to a pharmacist reviewing meds at least once a year. Maybe you should ask for a review where you get your meds.

  • My GP or who ever is free at the time reviews my meds, but that does not change the facts that some meds can cause side effects or long term health damage besides allergic reactions, so medication should be taken seriously and managed between the patient and doctor. Many patients need the drugs to survive, so have to weigh up the benefits against the side effects. Even natural remedies can have adverse effects on some people. Discuss it with your GP , or practice nurse if you can and see what the options are.

  • Hi DVD,I know how you feel.It,s full time job managing my meds.Some three times a week,Alendronic once a week,some once a day and some more often.Just been put on Lansoprazole which has made me quite ill so I have stopped it.I will speak to GP about it see if there is an alternative as all the steroids and the Alendronic seem to be taking a toll on the lining of my stomach making me sick.Problem is our condition is so complex and individual we need expert advice before stopping any of the established meds?You should ask for a full review of all your medications just in case there is some you could ditch.Best of luck.D.

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