Any info on a bulla on the lung would be appreciated!!

Long story short... Had ct scan of lung , heart and vascular. This was a voluntary screening due to great price. Offering 3 scans 79$. All scans came back good except found a small bulla on the right lung (2.9 cm). Also mild emphysema. I have smoked 1/2 to 1 pack cigs for last 29 years. What is a bulla and do they grow fast, etc, etc. I'm in good shape, no breathing problems, etc, etc. I've been worrying myself sick over this. Dr. Said to repeat scan in a year. I'm doing it in 6 months for piece of mind. Any info would be greatly appreciated 😊

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  • journal.publications.chestn... I have never heard of it this might help

  • Nottoobad: Just read last reply, still even more confused!! Said no treatment, so should I worry more?? Also is bulla and bullae the same thing??

  • Sorry I don't have anymore information you could google it like I did there is a lot of information. But they all say to trust your GP or consultant

  • Hello twilliamson, nice to meet you. I'm afraid I can't help with more information on your diagnosis, but hope someone will be along soon who can. Bulla is singular and bullae plural for the same thing.

    Tee x

  • I have bullea and most slim tall people will have one .

    As to scans i would save your money as your puting your health at risk having loads ct scans un nessasery.

    After your first CT Scan you doctor if he was any good should of advised you to leave others and told you about risk of radiation lung fibrosis.

    Ad say save your money and enjoy ya life ..

  • Jeff: how big is your bulla? Yes I am tall and slim as well. I guess what got my attention is they can get as big as a grapefruit. If I hadn't got the scan by my choice would have ever known. I'm 55 and have set my target date to quit soon!!! If I smoke am afraid it could grow at a faster rate. How long have you had yours??

  • I have em round edge left lung .. Your right about em growing but i would say is unlikely.

    Well unless you fly or have that pain relief gas.

  • Thanks for your reply. I did fly to CA last year so who knows if I had it then or not. Also what is pain relief gas. This will be last question for awhile. I guess I need to quit worrying so much and get on with enjoying my day. For piece of mind may see a pulmonary specialist just to see what breathing tests show.

  • Defo need to stop worrying.

    If i had my life again i would be enjoying it

  • Hi a Bulla is just one, Bullae more than one, they are like blisters where the alveoli get infected and swell and end up becoming one large blister, I have one they think it was caused by an infection years ago, they just monitor it and if it starts to grow they will consider an operation, hope this helps. Lyn

  • Lyn: how do they monitor it and how often. Also how big is yours and how long have you had it. Were you a smoker? So many people have never heard of this so trying to find out any answers I can. Hopefully will be seeing a pulmonary dr soon. Would have never known I had this if I hadn't done the voluntary health screening

  • Hello again, went for an X Ray in Jan as 2014could not shift a persistent cough, results showed the Bulla, had a c.t scan this confirmed that it is 11.5cm X 6.5cm, was told by go had emphysema, but consultant said I must have had it for years and that it was likely caused by some sort of infection or maybe a virus, they X Ray me every year and as long as it gets no bigger will leave it alone, there is an operation available that could remove it, but it's a serious op and it can return....feel like they really don't have enough experience of this condition, I was never a smoker and I had an X Ray in 2010 and no bulla was reported so I asked g.p to request they look again and they reported that it was on the 2010 X Ray...this will pull your hair out the consultant I saw looked at both X Ray's and said yo be honest I can't see it. Lol

  • Thank you Lynn for your info. It's greatly appreciated. Mines 2.9 cm

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