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Hi I am a 68 year old man was diagnosed with mild emphysema 8 years ago. I gave up smoking 25 years ago. Generally it is mild just breathlessness with any steps, inclines or going too fast. I am just under my GP and have an annual spiro test. I am not on any medication and go to the gym about 4 times a week.

It is the gym I need help with. I do cardio, a bit of weights, and stretching to keep my chest mobile. I have got a bit more breathless over the years but very little. Also should I be doing more? Seeing specialists? I would love your expertise

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  • Hello Mike, It sounds as though you're doing really well. No inhalers?? All that working out in the gym? I'm envious.

    There's plenty of help, including seeing specialists further down the line if the becomes indicated. Don't know what others will think, but I'd suggest seeing your GP and talking it over with him. One thing you could ask about is a referral to Pulse - exercises which are worked out to be of best benefit to people with all sorts of conditions, including yours.

    Keep up the exercise - it will really help you.

    Good luck,


  • Thanks Amanda2, I've heard of Pulse - is it available via the NHS then ?

  • It is, usually via your GP, physic at Rehab etc. Sue

  • Sorry to but in but What is Pulse ?? I am on O2 2L will it be any good for me ? Love this place very informative and lovely people Thank you xxx

  • Oh dear - these replies are going in all over the place again!

    Hello Nitap, I don't know but it's worth speaking to your GP. Have you been referred for Pulmonary Rehab? That's the usual first step. They may then suggest Pulse - usually in a local authority gym. You'd be assessed and then given a program of exercises, on equipment, and you'd be supervised.

    Can't see why you couldn't use O2, but am only guessing. Good luck. It was much too much for me, and I wanted to run a mile - I wish!!

    Sue x

  • I have just typed a long post in reply to you Watfordgirl thank you x I have now lost it and I am going to retune but it will have to be 2morrow going to bed now got appt 2morrow with my Respiratory Consultant ?? Will let you know how I get on God bless xx

  • Hope it goes well. Sue x

  • PS: it's not free but is subsidised and therefore cheaper via a prescription.

  • Thank you all so much. It is really good advice. It can often feel lonely out there just breathing. So it lovely to have fellow supporters...thanks

  • Hi

    You need the help of your respitory team, they can advice you on limits.

    Is there any gym staff who can work with you using the modified Borg scale of breathlessness

    A good guide from the BLF exercise handbook.


    'This exercise program is doing me good!'

    If you can say the whole sentence without stopping , you are not working hard enough .

    If you can't speak at all, or only say one word at a time, you are working to hard.

    If you can say the sentence with one or two stops, that's just right.

  • Wow! Just reading all exercise you do makes me feel breathless ha! I thought I did well working two days a week and your post asking should you do more!!! I applaud you looking after yourself so well! I am waiting for cardiology reports before I can go on pulmonary rehab course! Am definitely going to push for it. Wish you well and hope you get answers your looking for x

  • Hi Mike,you,re not my brother by any chance are you? Lol he,s about your age and probably has Copd.,lives in Wales last I heard.I have very severe emphysema Fev1 20% .I take ten steps in a row I have to stop to get my breath back,I,m only just turned 60.Sounds to me like your doing just fine,It,s probably as bad pushing yourself to hard than not doing anything.This is a very individual condition so we need the experts for the nitty gritty details.I would think you are perfectly in order to ask for a referral to a consultant by this stage as few GPs are expert in Copd.Wish you all the best,good luck.D. first name is David and I live in London,just in case you are my brother lol.

  • Hi Mike

    I am 66 and have severe Copd and take three inhalers every day. I also go to the gym 4 times a week and I do light weights, walk on the treadmill on 1 incline for 20 minutes and then the bike for 5 mins on 3 for 1k. I do a couple of stretches , only a couple, and two lengths in the pool. Then steam and shower and a sit down!

    I started Hatha yoga last week which I thought would help with relaxation and breathing. I think this will be good but I don't find it easy but am going to try and keep at it.

    I agree with Stone who always gives good advice re asking the gym instructors for advice. I haven't done it as can't summon up the courage to tell them about my condition. Silly really. My husband comes with me though so he is my "trainer". It would be good to know how I am doing and if I should be doing more or something different. So a good question from you and am not sure if this helps you or not.

    Hope you find the answers you are looking for.

    Love Moi x x x

  • Ask your GP to refer you for Pulmonary Rehab where the physios will help you to exercise correctly for your level of breathlessness.

    I can't recommend Pulmonary Rehab highly enough, and through it you may find other exercise groups in your area which are better geared to your condition

    Good luck

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