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Respiratory Exercise Classes

Good news for Gloucester ! there is now a Respiratory Exercise class in Gloucester.

Am so pleased we now have one as I have missed having a class to go to! And have definitely de conditioned since it being able to attend a class!

Anyway, here are the details for the class. It would be great if we can make use of this class now it is here! It makes so much difference to how we the oxygen in our muscles and helps with the immune system, it is fun and more! Go on give it a try. It is one of the best ways to manage respiratory disease.

I will see you there as soon as I am fit to join. ( this winter has been pants for me )

You will need to contact them for a referral form which is to be signed off by your GP or practice or respiratory nurses.

Class. Wednesdays 45 mins - 1hr of gentle exercise followed by tea and biscuits.

Where. Abbey dale Community Centre, Glevum Way, Glos GL4 4BL

CONTACT Kev Brady, mob 07508705359. Email

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How nice of you, Polly P, to let others know of your local PR classes. I'm starting my first ones next week and to be honest, the folk on here have done nothing but praised them as to how they can help us with our illness etc. I can't wait til Wednesday and I'll be reporting how I get on ! Hope you enjoy your sessions.


Hi Squirrelsholt,

Thanks for your kind words, and yes PR is very helpful, with lots of benefits for us. It certainly helped me a good deal.

However, the classes which I posted about earlier today are not Pulmonary Rehab, they are in fact Respiratory Exercise Classes, funded by the local authority, so they are almost the same but not quite.

These classes provide the exercise without the additional elements provided by Pulmonary Rehab, so they are brilliant for people to continue exercising when they have completed their Pulmonary Rehab.

Do you live locally to Gloucester? Is this something you may attend after your PR course? If yes and yes, do please pass the word on.

Warm wishes,



Hi, thanks for tie reply. I live in the south east, Surrey and I'm not sure if we have exactly the same here for after the PR classes. However, something to ask about. Take care.


Oh yes do ask at PR how you can keep the good stuff going! They will tell you that you can keep all that you learn at PR going when you go home, however I find that pretty hard to do, motivation is not always there.

A class makes a big difference to me.

Have a search for these type of classes on the BLF website, there are some,listed there you may find something close to home.

Smiling, breathing, laughing,



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