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Emphysema on CT scan but I think my pft results are normal

New here. I am a 50 year old male and smoked for 35 years have given up smoking. My Pulmonary specialist said I have mild to moderate emphysema. CT Scan shows significant changes in emphysema. My Sp02 is 97%. Pulmonary Function Test is as follows:

Spiromentry. %Pred

FEV1. 104.9%

FCV. 111.6%

FEV1%F. 93.8%

MFEF. 78.3%

PEF. 139.8%

Lung Volume

TLC. 107.6%

VC. 116.7%

FRCpl 122.7%

IC. 95.5%

ERV. 171.0%

RV. 93.8%

RV%TLC. 82.1%

sRaw. 81.6%


DLCO_SB. 76.5%

DLCOcSB. 76.5%

VA_SB. 105.3%

KCO_SB. 74.3%

KCOc_SB. 74.3%

VIN_SB. 112.6%

Can some please help me in analysing the PFT results and do I have have emphysema.

Thanking you in advance

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I hve emphysema COPD chronic bronchitis had endless spirometer and still can't read results ha! I do know if you google it you can be shown how to read your results and also I expect you will have lots replies to your posts from the good people on this site, I can only wish you well and I sincerely do x

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Emps isn't diagnosed by PFT... CT scan shows it. The volume & blow numbers appear normal. Have you got your Fev1 & FVC volumes in litres? And your fef 25-75?

What was the symptoms that required the test?


Thank you for the reply. My FEV1 is 3.93 litres (104.9% Pred) and FVC 5.28 litres (111.6% Pred)


Well whilst your function test results are well inside normal range, your breathless symptoms, smoking history and CT scan a ) have ruled out more serious causes b) (assume) have ruled out complete reversibility c) show 'emphysemous changes'. I'm surprised emps identified as moderate is not causing clinically relevant impact on spirometery, but that doesn't make it imposible.

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Thank you for your reply Soulsaver. I am just wondering if my specialist has said moderate because of a low dlco read or trying to scare me to keep me of the cigs Many thanks


After reading this reply I am now even more confused as ever . I was diagnosed via CT Scan by a Radiologist as having mild Emphysema yet after PFT was told by two Pulmonologists not definitive emp . 2nd opinion was by very well known Pulmo who said Radiologists are known to generalize CT scans as they are not Pulmonary experts so now you know why I’m baffled


Thank you to everyone for your advice.   Stay well and God Bless


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