My son home on leave.....A massive big 'Thank you' everyone that's kindly advised me on my quandary. Bless you all 🌹 x

Hi everyone..I sincerely do not know how to express my gratitude to all of you, that have kindly responded to my plee of advice. I've only just managed to get back online due to frantically having an OCD mad few hours! In readiness for my son's home coming. (I'm shattered) I don't see him that much so it's a joy for me to have everything 'ship shape and Bristol fashion' as my dad used to say..(he was in the Royal Navy) can't thank you all enough for taking the time and trouble to read, digest and respond to my post..your all wonderful people and I'm glad I've got such inspirational friends..I would have loved to respond to you ALL individually and I still will..but I've been that busy putting things in place to make his home coming the best. I live on my own but I will always put my son first before anything. We are both tired and have retired to our bed's..but I've had the best sparkle in my eyes and the biggest smile ever..just by my son's presence and sharing this with you all...

Many thanks to you all, pats on the back to you.....Very interesting advise but you all speak from the same hymn sheet, as your replies/advice confirm all my own thoughts and feelings I've had over this dilemma....

Heartfelt thank you and yes, I'm very proud of my handsome son..he's got his mother's looks..he's well blessed lol...👍💕😁

Love to you all...Speak soon 😘

Lynne x 🌹 x

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  • Enjoy your time together

    Tee x

  • Hi Lynne, have a wonderful time with your son. I'm sure your boy thinks just as highly of you as you do of him.

    Have a fun filled fortnight & let us know what you did with your time together 🌺

  • Have a wonderful time Lynne and enjoy every moment.

    Lots of love Xxx

  • Isn't it good to feel happy! Enjoy your time together.

  • Have a great time together.

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