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More tests after cop

Hello everyone. Had illness in feb and got admitted to hospital for a week. Told I had cryptogenic organising pneumonia. I was on antibiotics and steroids. Finished them. Was still getting breathless. Pulse between 90 and 120 without exersice. Still off work seven weeks later. Seen consultant twice. Had cry scan last week. Then this week received two appointment one for echocardiogram and one for 24 hour heart monitor. Why is this. I'm fed up.

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Hi Deaks,

I'm sorry that you have been having such a hard time. The rapid heartbeat and breathlessness could of course, be down to the infection in your body. It is a good thing that they are testing your heart though. I had two years of breathlessness and feeling as though I was going to faint. They kept putting it down to my chest until my bright GP decided to get my heart tested. I had developed dilated cardiomyopathy and atrial fibrillation. Ihave felt so much better since I went on to regular medication for that. Have the tests, try not to worry. If they discount your heart they will know that they have to find something better for your chest. if it is your heart you will get treatment for that. Good luck.


Aww thank you. Just spoke to consultant secretary. She said ct scan on lungs looks like it's improved but he's also referred me to lung biopsy surgeon aswell. Just want to get back to normal. X


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