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Flight and night time Oxygen whilst visiting family in Ghana, with sickle-cell, lung disease and asthma

Hello has anyone had experience in organizing oxygen for a flight from the UK to Ghana? How about oxygen for your actually stay in Ghana. I have heard there are lots of power cuts, especially during the night, which is when I use my oxygen concentrator, but I wouldn't be able to there, but how do I then organize delivery of oxygen cylinders which I often use on holiday in the UK instead of the concentrator?

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British lung foundation FB page as post on holiday travel n oxygen ... I guess it would be nightmare trying to sort oxygen out in such a country.

I would give BLF a call or drop them email .


Hi this has been discussed on here a lot in the past, so type in the box on the top right 'Search British Lung Foundation' and all the posts will come up. x


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