hi to all who can name is freddy am 62 an male.still trying to understand what am going through with copd (and the other one i can,t spell)....i have been fit all my days, never had an operation till i was 60 so thats to the the bad ......where to start?......its like am a car an me MOT has just failed for lots of things not just the one thing......

will post a pic of me when i can use the computer .....its hard work for me this computing........

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  • Hi Freddy,

    Welcome to our little oasis of sanity in an insane world! Just like you, I'm 62, male, started with osteoarthritis (about 7 years ago)then diagnosed with COPD (4 years ago), next came nail psoriasis (I know - a bit unusual - 3 years ago) and bring up the rear and new for 2016 is sleep apnoea!

    I look around and everyone else seems fine so I wonder 'What did I do wrong' well, other than smoking for 40 years, drinking too much, womanising at every turn (in my younger days), eating rubbish and generally thinking I was going to last forever, I have no idea how all my issues came about! ;-))

    When I feel a bit down I just think how lucky I am; I don't have to use oxygen daily, don't have a heart condition, still work, got some hair (but it's trying to escape) and can see and hear (with glasses & a hearing aid) so really life's pretty good!

    Oh, as for the computer thing - when you've mastered it can I have some lessons, please?

    Again, welcome and I hope you enjoy the same support that the rest of us receive and give here!


  • Tony, made me laugh...your sense of humour will keep you going for years.

  • Your very funny y not you have wonderful sense of humour take care

  • I did try the grumpy approach and found that the grumpier I was the worse I felt so it all seemed a bit pointless.

    Anyway, they say that people who laugh live longer and, as I plan to go on forever (that's the threat I make to my wife!), I have to be happy ;-))

    Oh, and smiling uses more facial muscles so it's good exercise for the face (and I really need that!)

    Have fun, enjoy your day and thank you for your kind comments!

  • Good morning is good to see you on here. You are doing fine from where I can see.

    A bit of a shock to be told you have copd ....but....then you can be helped with the correct medication for you and it is good help. You can't expect to live forever on just oil changes and minor adjustments - well you can but it doesn't always work that way does it. This is THE place for constructive help and advice from people who know about and understand almost everything to do with copd and the word you can't fire away when you want to know something, or just want a chat about anything. The lovely people on here are here for you too.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Freddy. You area not doing too badly considering all things. I have various age related nuisances, the latest being back ache whenever I walk far, and the inevitable sob.

    However, I am 80 + and still not out, so I try my philosophical trips, e.g. there are so many worse off! Most of the time it works.

    I can see alright with glasses - although cataracts beginning to develop, and I hear OK most of the time with a hearing aid.

    As for computers. I am able to operate one, but can't do all the fancy stuff like photos etc.

    Best of luck.


  • Hi.

    Sorry to hear that you have COPD and are trying to understand what it's all about.

    Can your GP refer you to a respiratory nurse in the practice, or to the COPD team (usually nurses) in the community? They will help you understand what is going on. I firmly believe that knowledge about your condition helps as much as medication and also helps you to manage your life

    Hope all goes well for you

  • Hello Freddy

    And welcome.

    Until recently l had an old car, l got it through the MOT every year, with a bit of work, and inbetween tests l looked after it.

    I realised my little banger had limitations....0 to 60mph in 5 miles !!!, not formula one standards by any means 😂 But she never let me down.

    That's what we have to do, ...look after ourselves, ..

    And like my little banger, we will keep going for years.

    Best wishes

    Girl Racer Velvet 😁 x

  • Hi Freddy, glad you found this site it will be very supportive for you. I to suffer from copd and on oxygen 24/7 but I don't let it get me down I still go out shopping and socialising whenever I can the most important thing is to stay positive which looks as if you are doing that. Best wishes to you xx

  • Welcome to the site Freddy - apart from this site (where there is so much knowledge) if you are worried about anything in particular you can also call the British Lung Foundation on03000 030 555.

  • Hello Freddy, computing can be hard work if your not familiar with it's use. Sorry to hear you have COPD, but glad to welcome you to our group am sure you will enjoy the things we get up to including posting pictures :) :)

  • Hi Freddy welcome to the site I feel like an old car every morning I'm still a young chick in my 50's. I was diagnosed with COPD at 42 so I'm getting my head round the situation and it's now very much part of my life and you get to a stage when you except the condition and that's when life becomes better.

  • Hello from me too and welcome.

    You'll soon get used to the site - you're obviously not daft, you found us didn't you?

    If you have a click around here you should find lots of the BLF information about your condition. You can also put a word or two in the search bar (top right) and lots of old posts with informative replies will come up. Try now, write 'exercise for copd' and see what come up. If you smoke write in 'help to quit smoking'!

    We all have different experiences & knowledge to share, to me it seem that knowledge is the key to the best possible life.

    All the best. P

  • Well done you to manage your post and welcome to this site you will soon know all about your condition as on here there's a huge world of information support and kindness, I got one wish you well x

  • Hi ennyl lovely to see your message your kind words are always from your heart take care my friend will look out for u again XXX

  • Hi, I'm a newbie too just a couple of years younger than you and thought I was invincible , I was right I am lol!

    It's all very confusing isn't it? I've found lots of useful information on here and a lot of support (they're not a bad bunch lol!) They don't mind you asking questions or even Having a moan (we all have bad days) they share their happy days too.

    In fact it's like a club for mates who have a common interest (not football lol!) COPD.

    I've learned it's about being positive, doing what you can, when you can then have a rest :) Exercise, exercise and eat healthily.

    On that note, off to London tomorrow, see a couple of bands and maybe an orange juice (cough, cough) at the pub :)

    Welcome to our gang :)

  • Sounds great diesel have a time and a couple of orange jucies for me .

  • Hi Freddy and welcome. I've had COPD for over 20 years I'm 69 and still fighting. It is hard when you are first diagnosed. You could ask your doctor to refer you Pulmanary Rehabilitation if you go on this 6 week course (a few hours a week) you will learn all about COPD,how to help yourself, medication and so much more. it is well worth doing, you will find most of the people on here have done the course and will highly recommend it. Take care and let us know how you get on. X

  • Hi barbs47 I've heard the courses are good been waiting a couple of months to go but there's a long waiting list fingers crossed take care.

  • Hi Freddy .. if it's emphysema you can't spell just put emps, we'll know what you mean.

  • thanks

  • A warm welcome to you Freddy, lovely to meet you!😁 you've come to the right place for great advice, info and fun too.The internet is a fantastic tool and it won't be long before you're surfing it and becoming more familiar with the computer! huff xxx

  • Hi Freddy, glad to see you've joined our club - welcome!

  • Welcome Freddy to our/your site. Any time any day and anything you want to ask about - all provided by the good folk on here.

  • Hi freddy123456 I'm new to this site to nice people on here I mostly read the comments and reply to some hope you enjoy this experience I am PS I've not got a computer I use my phone I'm not that good on it but keep trying take care.

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