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hi i wonder if any one out there can help me? i have to have a tooth out and my dentist asked me to ask my GP if i needed anything more than normal for her to do as i have copd, any how the answer i got back was oh there passing the buck! well this has not instilled me with confidence can any one out there help please as i am getting very nervousas i am having it done next wednesday

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Hi kapre I have severe copd and I have had quite a few teeth out and new dentures in and a odd filling and never needed any else but my injections and no trouble what ever you should be fine

thankyou so much you have put my mind at rest

I had tooth out in March my dentist aware of my COPD injected my gum then took tooth out I had no problems, I hope this helps I don't know anything more than that! x

thankyou so much

I have also had dental work done and not needed any special treatment. My husband has a different injection, because he has coronary heart disease and has had a heart attack.


I had a tooth out last week with no problems. As long as the dentist is aware of your medical condition and medication there should be nothing to worry about .


Hi Kapre,I too was worried about going to the dentist,I even asked my consultant to refer me to the hospital dentist,they can,t do that apparently.My son said his dentist was ok So I asked him to enquire.The dentist said ,yes come along you will be fine,and I was .I explained about my breathing and I could,nt lie on my back ,so he did,not put the chair too far back,gave me a chance to catch my breath and it was ok.I did,nt need much done but everything was good.I have very severe emphysema.Don,t worry you will be ok.It,s the thought of it ,once you,re in there you,ll wonder what you worried about.Good luck smiler lol.D.


My husband has severe COPD and is always having dental work including teeth out - he has always been fine. If you feel very nervous take your reliever ten minutes before you go in the chair. I am sure you will be fine. Good luck xxx

it was what the doctor said it upset me but thanks

Hi Kapre, it is up to your dentist to take all reasonable care of you during extraction and after. The dentist should be aware of your health and drugs you take. I have COPD and have regular dental treatment including extraction but I cannot have general anesthetic at the dentist. Hope this helps.

Hi Katieoxo60 I don't think anyone is allowed general anesthetic at the dentist any longer. Its done in Hospital these days so I am told.

Than ks for the info .

Yep, all good advice...............I have IPF and placed my oxygen bottle on my chest whilst he worked away to take out a problems apart from the bill!.

Hi kapre, I have bronchiecstasis and so take a lot of medication which is listed on a form I filled in at the dentists, I think all patients have to complete them. I hate the dentist and am a very nervous patient so if I need to have a tooth out I get Diazepam from my doctor which helps enormously as I am fully relaxed in the chair and the dentist can get on with what she has to do. Hope this helps. Take care, Love Lizzy x

thankyou every one its nice to know there are other people out there that know how you feel so thanks again

My biggest issue is when they lay me down it affects my breathing so I have a sign which is raising my hand going up means I need to sit up to breath.

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