Yet another chest infection. 😢

Went back to work after 3 weeks on Thursday. And here I am again feeling sick,, dizzy and coughing for Britain. Feeling very very unwell. My adult son has Aspergers and Schizophrenia and although currently on a section 3 he has been staying with me since Saturday. He takes a lot of looking after which I have always done without question. My husband has depression and anxiety so looking after him too at the moment. Been given amoxicillin today but feel so weak. . Do these kind of stresses make symptoms worse? Feel at death's door.


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9 Replies

  • Hi, I have never found amoxicillin helpful. It sounds as though your infection was not properly cleared. My advice would be to ask your GP for stronger antibiotics immediately and to have your sputum tested so they can adjust as necessary once the results are returned.

  • I need to be more on the ball.

  • The stress you are under will not help you stay well. Do go back to your GP and make him understand. You do need help. Xxx

  • Sassy has hit the nail on the head, I have a daughter with C.P. a son with Social anxiety and a now ex-husband who is Bi-polar. I become much weaker if I am ill and need to care as well. Being a carer is a full time job, which gets harder when your ill too. You need rest, try to get someone in to help if you can.



  • Thank you all. My GP has signed me off for two weeks as my job is to teach students who have behaviour difficulties within a mainstream school before they become excluded. That in itself is very difficult.

  • You've done the right thing. You can't look after others well until you yourself are well - or at least as well as you can be.

  • Yes I think stress can definitely make symptoms much worse - I can tell when my husband is getting stressed by his breathing and coughing! If you are not feeling much better in 3/4 days - go back to the doctor. Try to take care of yourself too xxx

  • I can't speak for anyone else but I know stress always effects me negatively.

  • It seems this way for me

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