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New here and to the emphysema diagnosis, glad to have found this place. So much to absorb and learn. I live in South Florida. Does not seem to be a lot on the web about this. My first question is should I be taking medications? Doctor only gave me rescue inhaler after asking about symptoms etc. I'm confused in that some places say no cure, no stopping progression, other places I understand that daily inhalers help? I have become a clean freak, getting rid of dust and not using my clorox clean up and instead lysol wipes, swiffer dusters so it is not going into the air and bought some clean air machines. I do walk most everyday a brisk 20 minutes. Anything else? Thanks so much :-)

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  • Welcome to the forum.

    First rule don't google, its usually rubbish and will just scare you, this illness is like most thing different for everyone. You might only need a reliever at this point if you only have mild emphysema, whatever you need to know you'll find the answer here. There isn't a cure but there are loads of things you can do to slow the progress. Eat well stop smoking if you do, and it might sound mad but exercise, but I would advise you to check with an expert first. Over here we have Pulmonary Rehab run by nurses.

    Everyone on here are lovely and we try to be here for each other for help and support.

    Good luck

    Kim x

  • Hi Kimmy thanks for your response. My primary said I have moderate emphysema. You are right, google really scared me lol I don't seem to have a lot of symptoms I guess. I do get winded if I walk in this heat and yes I do try to exercise everyday, I try to walk 20 minutes but that is it. I could see a pulmonary doctor I guess but my primary didn't seem to think I needed to. Wish we had the health system like you do over there, my bosses are all from the UK and I have heard. I did quit smoking about 2 years ago. Feeling a deep breath of fresh air being here (wink). Thanks again for responding :-)

  • Hi Palms and welcome to the board. It takes a while to get your head around this but, you will.

    Keep popping on here, there are lots of knowledgeable people, at various stages of this and other lung diseases on the forum.

    What you'll find is that some poster's experience with say, moderate disease, can be totally different to other people's.

    For instance, some, might be able to walk really fast, for quite a distance, whilst, someone at the same stage, can't walk fast for more than a minute or two, without being too short of breath.

    I was diagnosed January 2012 as moderate, same as you and so far, nothing has changed.

    You'll get great support and good advice on here. So, if you have any worries or just want to chat, you've come to the best place xx

  • Casper are you on any medications?

  • Yes, I'm on Forstair and Ventolin. I only take 2 puffs a day instead of 4 puffs twice a day of the Forstair, (the nurse said that was fine) and I have only taken the Ventolin twice when I have felt breathless when out at a party because I was doing a bit of dancing lol. I do get puffed out walking sometimes, but, not bad enough to remind me to take it xx

  • I understand I'm just trying to wrap my mind around taking meds if I'm not suffering? Is there a reason to take those two drugs you are on? You say you get puffed out walking sometimes so does that mean that is the only time you take it or you take it anyways? Sorry I'm slow sometimes!

  • I was put on Seritide to start with, because I had a stubborn chest infection that didn't go with first lot of antibiotics.

    The docter said the steroids in it, are to keep the infections away. It was changed to Forstair last year. I guess because it's a lot cheaper. I don't take the full dose because I came out in bruises. I also don't like taking things unless I feel I really need them.

    I must have jinxed myself, saying I rarely have to use the Ventolin lol. I tried having a little bop at my son's house last night and was shocked at how breathless I felt. I'm just out of condition because I don't exercise enough, especially in winter. I'm due my yearly review in April, so I'll get my latest Spiro results.

    I have other health problems which really make anything too physical, almost impossible. Fibro and an Autoimmune arthritic disease. So, I expect I won't hold my level as well as other people who just have Copd alone. Keeping as fit as possible seems to be the 2nd most important factor after stopping smoking xx

  • Wishing you well casper.

  • Casper what great news and hope for me, 2012 wonderful! Yes I am noticing what you say about we are all different. Glad you have not had any change in yours.

  • Welcome to the site PALMS

  • Thank you :-)

  • Welcome Palms. You have received helpful advice from this site so there is nothing I can add except to say I hope you get sorted out soon. Maybe at this stage you don'st need extra medication. You are lucky to be living in a warm dry climate. Here we are battling with a prolonged winter. I do realise though that Florida may be too hot in the summer.

    All the best


  • Thanks for the warm welcome Sherry44, yes way too hot in the summer indeed!

  • Hi Palms, Florida here as well. Was diagnosed 3 years ago this August with pulmonary fibrosis! Doing ok here.

  • Hi Tylersday glad you are ok. Another Floridian :-)

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