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We have had a few new posts recently that have been by a 'hidden' poster almost immediately after being posted. One about a Wigan choir that is in my emails as from 'sverty'. Jennifer (A1J1S) has mysteriously vanished practically mid-sentence. I do not think they have deleted their accounts, I think they have been removed by a technical fault. I have reported this, but no acknowledgement.

HU has a vigorous spam detector that has been known to decide you are suddenly spam...as I know, I have been there!! This also means the "help" centre will ignore you.

If this happens to you (Jennifer?) either email support@health.com or open a new account.

I have left this unlocked on purpose.


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  • Well said Tee so let's hope it's all sorted soon. Xxx

  • All ok now sassy, and thankyou.



  • I just can't see her closing her account without a word to anyone...she would know that she would be missed by a lot of people on the forum.

    Hope you hear something soon Tee xx😢

  • Am Here - Hello Sailer ....:-D :-D :_D Did you miss me Andy?

    Are you packing for your hols?



  • Hi Jennifer -S......well yes I did miss you ...a bit😆....it was like I was talking to myself.. again 😢😢..

    I've got a very busy day today...got to double check on a lot of things if we are to have a stress free taxie ( Greek for journey )

    Will find sometime to talk tonight..

    Hope all is well

    Andy xx☺

  • heh heh heh Andy - just go and have a lovely time with your family. That is interesting about the word taxie - I think you speak excellent English too.

    All well at this end. Merlin fast asleep and having nice doggy dreams.


  • Hi Jennifer. ..everything in its place now...just have to load up the car in the morning..though it does look like we going use the roof rack as well...so much the baby needs with her new wardrobe ...the boys got a new wardrobe to...so why not the wife to😧only fair that I should look cool to..so i went on a shopping binge this morning 😆

    Ho well lights out ..glasses of and hanged over the headboard above me..nighty night xx

  • I'll be thinking of you in the morning. You will all be looking great with your new holiday clothes. Take lots of photographs, and if you see any exotic plants, birds and animals, those too.

    Have a wonderful holiday.

    Safe journey Andy.



  • I hope the issue gets sorted soon

    It's been a bad morning for me as it is.....just had my fourth visit in a row to try and sort out my b breathing....1st steroids, then two lots of Doxy now more steroids....but the normal white ones not the red coated ones I usually get when I need to take a lot at once. Gaviscon here I come.


  • Sorry you are feeling so stressed, knitter. I hope the steroids start to help your breathing. I'm thinking of buying shares in Gaviscon.

    Tee x

  • Oh dear knitter, I am very sorry you have had a lousy time of it today. I hope the Gaviscon has helped and that you manage to get a decent night's sleep. It's not nice when you have to take something else to sort out feeling rough after taking other medication.

    night night



  • Thankyou very much Tee, what a storm in a teapot. ~ I have joined up again but had to use a new name but it's similar so I don't suppose it matters. Nice to be here again though :-D


  • What an irony...replied to you, Jennifer, and it vanished!! Will say again...good to have you back and could you stop a**ing about now, please. 😄

    Tee xx

  • Thankyou Tee- that was nothing to do with me...I don't think....Isn't it good when everything slips back into place :-D

  • Hope u r feeling better on this day....no fun being sick...

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