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New little man in my life :)

Hi all Sorry I have not been around for a while but I have been extremely busy, two days after xmas the clutch went on my car I paid out for a slave cylinder and the fitting of it to a mobile mechanic on new yrs eve but good, but on the upper hand I now have a new car, then mid January my mum had a heart attack and was rushed into KG hospital who in the end got fitted with two stents but she still has another blocked artery that they are going to deal with at a later date, now the main news and my best news ....the picture of the little boy I have on here is James, his mothers bf ill treated him and gave him up so paper work is going through for me now, he has been with me since last wednesday....long story but I will answer pm messages if anyone wants to talk to me or who are in similar circumstances, this is him on Saturday planting his seedlings I got him, it is lovely having him around, .......Also I need advice on fundraising if anyone knows where to start with that, reason being is, I have no toys , short on clothes etc for james and get very little help from the state for him at the moment that money has not started yet, P.S I am not asking for anything from anybody here. just advice..... I gave my address details out to somebody who is on here who said they posted me something Monday but nothing has arrived, I feel they may have just wanted to know where I lived ... anyway my friends I look forward to hearing of some ideas PM me if you wish be nice to chat :)

Karen xx

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Hi how great for you. Try charity shops as they sell childrens clothes a lot cheaper, they also sell toys etc. also ask around your friends. Good luck. x.


Hi Coughalot I will do , but they seem to have a lot of jigsaws in charity shops so it's just the matter of getting to the right shop when new things are put out on the shelf, at least I'm going to get fit lol xx


Hi Karen, well you have been a very busy lady!

Hope you're Mum is on the road to recovery.

How nice to have a new car. No stopping you now getting out & about!

That's wonderful news about James. He looks a lovely little boy.

I'm sure he'll be in a happier place now away from the terrible mistreatment he's had. What a sad life for a wee one but now he's got the chance to be happy, thanks to you.

What a lovely person you are to think of this little life so dependent on you.

I hope you get all the help you need & deserve 💐


Thank you Jessy, I find it quite a sick society we live in when you here half the stories that I heard about James , feels so strange tho as my youngest is 23 lol but good fun xx

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Karen, James will do as much good for you as you will do for him!

He'll keep you on your toes, you'll learn new things everyday through the eyes of a child.

What age is he?

I know I love having my grandchildren to stay & they're very much a part of my life.

Some live nearby & are in & out most days. Others are a bit further away but come for weekends & holidays very frequently.

I have 9 grandchildren, 5 grandsons & 4 grandaughters, aged between 21 & 4 yrs old.

Enjoy little James, he will bring you so much happiness & in return you will be giving him a life worth living.

Keep in touch & let us know how you're getting on 🌹


Hi Jessy I will keep in touch, He will be 7 in May on the 14th , this may sound silly but I can't wait till xmas lol xx

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Oh yes Karen, I understand perfectly! What a great time you'll all have at Christmas.

It's a magical time for youngsters & the longer they believe in Santa the better!

I've got a 7 year old grandson who still believes & 2 grandaughters who are 4 yrs old who do as well.

Next to come is Easter & all the fun of painting & rolling eggs. Not to mention the chocolate ones!

Then you have James's birthday which you can make special for him. Find out what his favourite character is & have a cake made.

Then you have Summer with trips to the beach or the park. Picnics & fun outdoors.

Halloween when he can dress up in his favourite costume & have fun dooking for apples!

Bonfire night with the fireworks & toffee apples.

Then Christmas... Santa, presents, happy times as a family.

See Karen you have so much to look forward to before Christmas comes.

Enjoy every single day! 💐


lol Jessy thanks for the list looks even more fun now :) xx

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You could try making simple toys with things you would throw away, like washing up liquid bottles, boxes and toilet roll cardboard tubes. Make a flour and water paste and stick old newspaper pieces together to make papier mache sculptures. If you have some wool and knitting needles, knit a teddy and stuff it with old tights, washed and cut up. (These are all things my Mum did with me in the 50s to 60s).

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