Wigan warblers

When I did my pulmonary rehabilitation course in March 2015 we were asked if we thought anything would improve the service.

I had read so much about the benefits of singing and said about the benefits and that only time I forget my breathlessness.

One of the rehabilitation nurses asked me for more details and so karen eventually came back and said she had secured funds for a three month trial.

From the 12th of January after only two meetings she informed us that her bosses had insisted she was no longer to get involved in the running of the group. She was to no longer be able to hold the money box that she could not be included in any bank account for the group.

She has since that date put all responsibility onto myself and my daughter.

Yesterday she was awarded the innovation award by the Bridgewater NHS trust for her choir.

We weren't even awarded the curtasy of a seat at the ceremony or any mention.

Therefore I shall be removing myself from any association with the Wigan warblers.

The whole outcome of this is my complete mistrust and loss of confidence in any of the Wigan respiratory teams. My constant fight for a rescue pack and or management plan which falls on deaf ears.

Just wish I had the money for digitas no support no respect no acknowledgement of trying to get a worthwhile group together.

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  • Hello hidden

    I can understand your annoyance, and frustration, at no recognition for your idea and input,..l would be furious... But ....talk of Dignitas is an over reaction.

    There must be other choirs in Wigan you can join, and make new friends, also change your GP.

    Take some comfort, knowing it was your idea, and people are enjoying singing.

    Velvet x

  • Hi I would refer you GP to the nice guidelines they state that people with COPD should be given rescue packs.

  • Where is my flipping reply?????????? I was only trying to help.

  • This is the third such post, where the person as closed their account after posting.

    Should these not be removed, if only to stop other members from replying to post where there is no hope of a reply.

    If the person as chosen to close there account after posting, then the post is inappropriate.

  • Hi Stone

    Very true....l guess they just needed a rant...

    But like you say, a waste of time.


  • Well this understandably upset person can at least see her replies of support because she/he didn't lock the post.

    To Hidden, perhaps the respiratory nurse spoke up for you at the reward ceromonary? I really hope so.

    Now time to pick yourself up, shake the dust off and start again. Take heart that you helped get this choir off the ground so hats off to you, no mean feat when you're unwell. Hope you feel in better spirits soon. X

  • I am beginning to think the problem may be HU, rather than the poster, Stone. It's happening too often.


  • Well said stone. xx

  • Just wondering if it is svety who has left HU? x

  • My email notification says the post was written by svety but when I look on here it says hidden, whatever that means I do not know. This leaves me in a quandry for I know I wrote reply - this site is ridiculous - thought we were here to help each other. I'm trying to think of a word to describe it in a complimentary way but can only come up with one - it is a four letter word beginning with S and ending in E.


  • I must be being a bit thick, Jennifer. I can only think of five letters that would suit! Hangman anyone??

    Tee x

  • Me too Tee x

  • Jennifer? Jennifer? You've vanished...

  • All Jennifer's posts and replies are hidden.....I can see her picture with those bright blue eyes' in the buff' but I can't remember her members name A1 etc. Or similar.....remembered its A1JTS

    I have a recent pm from her but I can't reply .....she is such a lovely member of this community

  • Think the problem is HU, knitter. Technical c..k up!

    Tee x

  • Oh has Jennifer gone? I wonder why? I really liked her and she gave a lot to this forum. I hope she is ok. If you can see this Jennifer please let us know. Bev xx

  • She's in the buff?. what's this site coming to?

  • Ha ha warwickstag ,,,,the post was called by Jennifer ' in the buff' but she took a photo of herself wearing a ' Buff ' scarf.

  • What on earth is going on?

    Hello, is there a moderator out there?

    If Jennifer has been banned then l am off!

  • Hi sassy....jennifer has contributed so much to this site and I hope has gained something in return. Please could we have an explanation from HU.

    i hate to see anything on this site causing distress without knowing a reason.

    First the budget , now this

    This post is not locked so hopefully Jennifer can read it still

  • Hi sassy, I can confirm that Jennifer has NOT been banned by anyone here, nor has the writer of this post. There may be a problem at HU but I can see no reason to delete the posts.

  • Thank you for the reply Mrs M but it is indeed a puzzle.

  • Hi MrsMummy

    Was jenifers reply removed ?


  • Not by any of the moderators on here that I know of.

  • Hi mrsmummy

    Thank you for your reply.


  • Hi

    We have a post where the member decided to close their account.

    We have/had a member Jennifer who wrote a caring and meaningful reply.

    This reply as been deleted for unknown reason.

    Now Jennifer as closed her account.

    This post should be deleted before any more members leave.

  • There is obviously a technical problem! I have reported it. HU do not read these posts, so have no other way of knowing.


  • Thanks tee.....I hope it gets sorted soon.

  • Me too 😊

    Tee x

  • I can understand Jennifers feelings but doing things not to be named or awarded for helping others for the better brings myself so much more joy within my heart than to be glorified in front of those receiving this gift....mybe I am old fashion but is it not better to give than receive ,expecting nothing in return for such a good deed or act on caring as you have done....Hope you the best in the future...

  • Hi dknapier....it wasn't Jennifer that wrote the original Wigan post....she replied to it when it was labelled as hidden ....then Jennifer disappeared too. We are hoping to sort the problem out.

    Thank you for your reply

  • Thank you for your reply....and for correcting me...Sorry I misunderstood and spoke out . Only hope the best for all on this site...

  • Hi dknapier.....lots of confusion on the site today, but thanks for your reply to the original post to hidden.....then Jennifer went hidden later so that's why the mix up. Two different hiddens.

    I agree sometimes we get more from giving than receiving,

    Take care and please write in again

  • Hi All,what on earth is going on today? It doesn't take much but I'm now totally confused!

    The site lay out has changed without any information of it happening, as far as I'm aware.

    Posts are being written then more or less immediately the member closes their account.

    Replies are given then deleted. Sometimes you get to read the replies then you go back & they're gone!

    What is happening!

    Surely Jennifer has not left? She's a lovely lady with so much to give to the forum. She's knowledgeable & funny.

    In reply to this post....

    Could you maybe start up a little singing group of your own? Or maybe there's other groups you could join since you find it beneficial to you.

    It's most definitely not a reason to go to Dignitas. I'm sure once you calm down & think it all through you'll see it's not the end of the world.

    Take care 🌺

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