Just thought I,d let you know about this,I use it to search stuff instead of Google.Every time I use it they donate to charity of my choice Wateraid.Over five days £5.00 raised just for changing search engine.I can,t remember if it was from here or from Facebook I heard about it.If it was from Here thank you,It makes me feel a wee bit better about myself.The fact Google Don,t pay the taxes they should annoys me!D. 🇬🇧

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  • Thanks for that farmerd, will give it a go :-) janx

  • You,re very welcome Jan,how are you keeping? Not heard from you for a while.David.🌹

  • Hi david not too bad thanks for asking, cough bothering me a lot but fingers crossed no infection, just put sputum in yesterday so hope not speaking too soon :-) been reading and replying just not posted much. hope you are well. janx

  • Google, Amazon, Star Bucks - the list is endless. Apparently tax avoiding is costing this country £120 Billion a year. x

  • Yup,but Don,t get me started lol.How are you Cough?D.

  • Thank you FarmerD will be changing asap Best Wishes Mogworth

  • You are welcome Mogworth,hope you are well and happy.D.

  • Hi David, I'll give that a go! Thanks for the info.

    Hope you're keeping well 🌻

  • Hi Farmer

    I'm on to it thanks for the info.



  • Do you mean Everyclick.com

  • Hi Manders ,thanks for pointing out me being a complete plum.I did,nt even notice I had,nt spelt it correctly,well done for spotting that .Hope everybody got the gist though.How are you ,it,s been a while since we chatted?David xx 💐

  • hahahaha...well i did wonder if it was right when it took me to a site about ice cream ( which i didnt mind )

    Im doing ok just getting over an infection that i thought had gone but came back with a vengeance and a touch of pleurisy so im a bit stir crazy and have slept a lot but its starting to go now im on stronger abs.....Apart form that im doing ok and looking forward to the summer.

    Hope you and your family are well x x

  • Oh dear I can just imagine some members getting stuck on the ice-cream site lol.Oh well it will cheer them up if nothing else.Amazing what a bit of warm sunshine can do is,nt it.D 🌷

  • hahaha yeah i bet many member got stuck on that site...

    Thanks for the info mr d im sure lots of people will use this site x x

  • Hi I've just signed up and named BLF as my charity. They do such a great service I thought it was a good way to help raise funds for out charity. Does anyone know if there is an app for iPads for every click.com?

  • Sounds so simple and what a good idea FarmerD. I will certainly use Everylick.com and have to admit my ignorance about Google not paying its taxes here in the U.K. Shame on them !

  • good site thanks I'll use it too I also do a daily click on care2 which collects butterfly points to give to chosen charitys - take care xxx

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